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  • Cafello Tutto V2

    Hi all,

    New user here. Just wanted to check if anyone has experience playing around with this

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    Did you possible mean this machine:


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      Tried it, didn't like it....

      For mine, It's an office machine for the small office that doesn't want a superauto and is looking for minimum time/energy contribution. The nature of the grind/tamp/group produces something a little better than a pod or superauto. At least the coffee can be freshly ground. For the home user, even a Breville DB would hit it clean out of the stadium.

      It's not a coffeesnobs machine.


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        The more fully automatic and all in one commercial machines get, the more undrinkable the coffee.

        Thats unfortunately my observation.

        Is this one different?
        I don't know.

        But when going for a coffee in a cafe I like to see an E61 head, a traditional warming tray on top with dozens of cups, and a grinder alongside that grinds on demand.


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          "The all-in-one machine takes all of the hard work out of making beautiful espresso"

          That's a no from me.


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            Thanks for the replies everyone. Any recommendations for a machine and grinder package for home use? Don’t want to spend over $3,500 and prefer to pick up in Sydney.


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              Check out this thread

              Alternatively hit the QUOTE FORM at the bottom of the page, there are at least 3x site sponsors in Sidney who will look after you very well.