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Bezzera BZ02 stopped refilling in the middle of descaling

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  • Bezzera BZ02 stopped refilling in the middle of descaling

    I started descaling, the boiler took the liquid in and started to see greenish water coming out of the spout. I refilled the tank with clean water to start to flush out the descaler.
    At this point, the pump no longer fills the boiler. The vibration pump runs silently, for about 2 minutes until the auto shut off timer stops it, but no water goes into the boiler. Both water level sensor shows open. The boiler sounds empty, when I shake it to hear if water is present.

    The overheat switch at the bottom did not trip.

    When the vibration pump runs, I can attempt to pull a shot, and cold water comes through the group head.

    Any suggestions on how to get back normal operation?


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    Problem solved! The fill solenoid got stuck as the descaler loosened the built-up deposit film. Removed the solenoid coil, unscrewed the "tower" and soaked the tower-plunder assembly in descaler until moved freely.