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Breville 980XL no hot water from spout

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  • Breville 980XL no hot water from spout

    Hi All,

    I have a Breville that is starting to go on me. First the grinder went, then the dreaded buzzing sound when pulling a shot, and now no hot water coming out of the spout. From the research I did, the buzzing is the solenoid valve. I took it apart and cleaned it but that did not stop the noise. I found a place and I ordered one and installed it last night. No more buzzing sound and I was also hopeful that it would also solve my hot water issue. Unfortunately it did not. I have already descaled it thinking it might be that and still is a no go. Does anyone have any further info that might help my situation? I don't mind taking things apart, but don't want to break it more than it already is. So for now we extract a shot, empty the espresso and then push the 2 cup button to fill with water when making an americano. The steam wand works with no issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.