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Rancilio S20 midi de - coffeebike

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  • level3ninja
    From a quick Google it looks like some of them have the option of gas but it is not standard across all machines, so you would need to check the individual machine you want to buy. Other than the main heating it should be possible to run everything else off a battery and inverter set up

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  • Nichlasdal92
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  • Nichlasdal92
    started a topic Rancilio S20 midi de - coffeebike

    Rancilio S20 midi de - coffeebike

    Hii guys.

    i have a quick question about the Rancilio S20 midi de, machine.

    did any of you ever made a coffeebike with this machine? If not, do you know if it is possible?

    I have the machine and a Want to build a coffeebike. Do you know if it is possible to convert this machine,
    into a machine that only Will run on gas and battery? So I could sell coffee on the Streets.

    hope someone Can help me.

    many Thanks.