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VBM Domobar Super pressure problem

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  • VBM Domobar Super pressure problem

    Just picked up a Domobar Super HX machine circa 2005.

    Have been testing and all functions working, steam, water through group, hot water wand and auto fill. Also machine is reaching 1.5 bar and e61 gets too hit to touch.

    Measured flow seems fine 337 mins in 30 seconds.

    Problem is testing with portafilter pressure gauge only getting to 4/4.5 bar. Also made a shot but no crema and was super sour.

    While testing with pressure gauge I put the the over pressure silicone hose in a jug and there was no water coming out. Also as the case was off checked and not a drop leaking inside. The three way solenoid was releasing into the drip tray once the lever released and seemed to be working fine.

    In the morning I will try with a blank filter and see if any water gets sent to the over pressure hose in case my pressure gauge is faulty.

    Any ideas on what might be stopping the machine hitting full pressure? Thanks in advance!

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    See if the blind filter gets the OPV going, if not probably the pump.


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      Thanks Ninja, turned out to be a dud pump.

      Tested with blind filter still no water from OPV. Transplanted pump from my Rocket and after a few hours and skinned knuckles had the pump going in the Domobar Super.

      Tested with portafilter pressure gauge and flew past 9 bar. After adjusting the OPV to 9 bar the machine is now running perfect. Made a very nice Latte to end the day.


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        Excellent 'Ben...

        That is a very Christmassy outcome...



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          Sure is Mal, especially as I bought this as a temporary machine. My Rocket Giotto is tripping the meter box and has been down for a week. Not enjoying my backup coffee options so a relief to have a proper machine going.


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            Hey Ben if you are in need of a cheap pump let me know I think I have 2 that have been removed from running machines either by mistake (Trail and Error repair) or preventive maintenance.


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              Hey Steve, thanks I was actually pondering where to source a pump. I'll drop you a line and would be keen for one at least. That way I might be able to fix the Rocket while I am on holidays.