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VBM super corrosion

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  • VBM super corrosion

    Hi guys,

    When I descaled my VBM super lever a couple weeks ago I noticed some corrosion on the boiler.
    I don't recall it being there last year.

    How concerned should I be and what course of action is recommended?
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    That looks like you have a leaky gasket/seal.


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      New element seal needed at some stage... You can brush with citric acid/descaler to remove the crud, and wash off well.
      I couldn't undo my element without stressing every boiler mount, so I pulled boiler and held element in vice and unscrewed boiler. I also chopped as much of the gasket out as I could to reduce the stiction.
      Hopefully yours is no where near as tight.


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        Also using an impact driver will remove the element with minimal effort or risk to the boiler.


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          Thanks guys, I appreciate the assistance.


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            Hello just getting around to ordering the replacement part. Is the correct seal part 460049-t (BOILER TEFLON GASKET) or 400826-t (HEATING ELEMENT TEFLON GASKET 42X54X3MM) shown in this diagram?


            Or feel free to link me elsewhere for the right part. Otherwise I only found the heating element and gasket as a kit.


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              Part No. 400826-T appears to be the one you need-


              Refer the link below from CoffeeParts for VBM super parts diagram -


              Have a good look inside the boiler once the element is out. A thorough descale may be needed.