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ECM Sync wiring question

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  • ECM Sync wiring question

    Can anyone do me a favour and remove your side cover and tell me which pressure sensor the purple/black wires going from the PID controller go to?
    Do they go to the brew or steam boiler sensor? They can be seen in the right hand side of this pic, the other pressure sensor has the red/black wires.

    I replaced my heating element seal as it was leaking and got them mixed up, not sure if it actually matters but I have found the steam won't stop building and blows the relief valve. Thinking I might have mixed up the pressure sensor wires putting it back together again

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    As there were no responses to your query I thought you might be able to see something of use in these links.

    This is from an NZ site. There are some internal photos which show some of the wiring. Don't know if it differs from the AU version.

    This is from the US and for a 110V machine. Not sure if the wiring hook-up differs but the internal footage may provide some clues to you query.


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      Isn't the Profitec Pro 700 internals the same as the Sync? As per CafeLotta, not sure if they both use the same wiring scheme but it might be worth having a look or someone with a Pro 700 could help?