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Bezzera BZ10 capability

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  • Bezzera BZ10 capability


    I know this machine has several reviews, but all I came across were obviously for the home brewer. My situation is a bit different - I currently operate a book store and with some rearranging I've managed to make space for a small coffee spot. Just wondering if this machine is capable of being used in a commercial environment. Note, that my town is relatively small (less than 10,000 population) - 20-50 shots a day doable? It would be great if I could manage a machine in this price range.


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    A couple of issues to consider initially:

    - will the machine need to be plumbed to water (you will soon get tired of manually filling the water tank)
    - can the machine be plumbed - some cant
    - what is the water quality - does it need filtration

    answers to these will narrow down the machine and what overhead costs you might have in setting up

    your water provider may be able to advise on water quality

    good luck

    and no it's not as simple as it first seems hahaha!!


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      A key consideration as Flashpixx says is the water reservoir. At 3 litres it is definitely too small of your needs.

      You will regard the constant refills as a nuisance. (I am drawing from a 10 litre tank, and refilling it once or twice a week for just 20 or so doubles a week, is a nuisance)

      Your reservoir will be depleted in no time, using water for the actual espressos, plus steaming, flushing, rinsing.

      In any case, the machine is better suited to a domestic environment rather than a commercial one.

      Will it, or you, cope when 4 people come in and order 4 coffees all at once?