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Rocket Home Machines Work Flow and capacity

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  • Rocket Home Machines Work Flow and capacity

    hi and thank you for your time in advance

    if you have a rocket machine like R58 or R60v ( or something in this range ) i want to know how much work flow can the machine take during a day , i'm fascinated by the look and brewing capability of rocket machines and am inclined to buy one , i have a choice to use it in one of these 3 places , so i want to know which is more in line with the machine's capacity and work flow , first place is my office which due to nature of the work there ( it is a writing/theater production office ) coffee is a necessity , we haven't had a espresso machine there yet , but i believe that at around 20 to 30 cups of espresso in a day will go on a busy day , but about 10 on a average day .
    second place that i can use is for my low volume coffee shop , not so much as an commercial machine but rather than for a machine that is going to be used exclusively for espresso ( only bland espresso and not any espresso based drinks ) my reasoning is that other pressure profiling machines are way more expensive , and we won't have more then 5 or 6 costumer for espresso only ( and that's on a good day ) but i like to give them the best espresso experience that they can have , and as i think you'll agree too , pressure profiling is the way to go on that front .
    and finally that i use them as are intended in my home , which is an option , but i got a Breville dual boiler , that my wife is used to using it, and i don't think the reasoning of " i liked the looks better" will go over as well as i like to
    any way if there is anything about these machines work flow and capacity that suggest that i can use them for any or all these places , please let me know . also any other thoughts and suggestions that you might have will be appreciated too .
    thank you