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Isomax Tea - pouring at 5 bar??

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  • Isomax Tea - pouring at 5 bar??

    Hi all,

    I've recently found that my shots are pouring really slowly, too slowly... and much slower than they used to. My boiler pressure looks like it is in the right range, but when I start a pour, the pour/pump pressure jumps down to 2 bar, then quickly up to about 4 bar and then very slowly up to around 5 bar.

    Just hoping to get some validation that this not right, and should be pouring at around 9 bar?

    And any ideas about a way to troubleshoot this myself? Or back to the repair shop?


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    G'day Josh...

    Sounds like it might be a sticky OPV or one with a broken spring.
    Probably worthwhile to remove, strip down, clean/repair and replace...



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      I recently had a machine with a similar problem and it turned out to be a failed pump. This isn't too hard to replace yourself and depending where you look they can be had from about $40, chances are pretty good it is an Ulka EX5 model.

      But first as Mal said pulling apart the OPV and testing would be worthwhile as the problem could be there and the pump could be fine.


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        Yep, start with the basic stuff initially and work your way along to more complex components - Always cheaper to clean and/or replace small valves than the pump...



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          Hi roosteren, more than likely your pump. Had the same trouble. I topped the reservoir with iced water and it kept the ulka pump happy until it was changed.
          If the first shots are ok and gradually as the reservoir water warms, the pump loses power; it's a good bet the coil on the ulka is on the way out.
          In fact keeping the reservoir water cold kept it operating normally for months; just the hassle to remember add ice or chilling a bottle of H2O.