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Newb snob questions about kitchen plumbing Faema Due A1

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  • Newb snob questions about kitchen plumbing Faema Due A1

    Just about finished the kitchen remodel for this weight beast (Faema Due single).

    Does unit require a pressure regulator, or will the house mains adequately fill the boiler?

    I've scoured through as much documentation as I can find (sparse at best - no tear-down service manual yet), but I'm not absolutely certain if there's an internal pump group either.

    Any knowledge or advice is welcome!

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    Pressure regulators are usually placed between an appliance and mains water to reduce inordinately high mains pressure which may damage the appliance.

    I doubt very much whether you will need one.

    The coffee machine's pressure is a combination of incoming pressure and what the pump produces. So if mains pressure is, say, 5 bar, the pump then supplies a further 4 bar to give a brew pressure of 9 bar.

    The boiler can be filled automatically by letting the autofil system do the work, or pressing the manual fill valve until the sight glass shows the desired level.


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      Originally posted by robusto View Post
      So if mains pressure is, say, 5 bar, the pump then supplies a further 4 bar to give a brew pressure of 9 bar.
      So long as the incoming mains water has a Pressure Limit Valve installed and operating correctly at the property boundary.
      Wasn't unusual to see pressure spikes close to 10 Bar in our neighbourhood...



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        Interesting Mal. Melbourne boasts some of the world's highest pressure, but despite that when my machine was plumbed in, in summer, when everyone is out watering the garden simultaneously, I'd sometimes notice a pressure drop at the gauge. A reason why David Schomer runs his machines from aquarium tanks rather than mains.


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          Probably depends quite a bit on the use by surrounding consumers.
          If there are some commercial/industry users nearby, who consume a lot of water sporadically, the sudden closing off of large valves, pumps, etc can send the local area into a bit of a domino effect of significant water pressure pulses. That's what we were seeing here at our place anyway...

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            Finally set it up and tested the pump. Everything seems to be working and it draws water out of a tank no problem. Now to fix a severe leaking problem in a new thread. Thanks all.
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              Originally posted by humantopus View Post
              Now to fix a sex verse leaking problem in a new thread.
              What the....



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                "a sex verse leaking problem"

                Awaiting an explanation with bated breath.


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                  Originally posted by Yelta View Post
                  "a sex verse leaking problem"

                  Awaiting an explanation with bated breath.
                  I'm struggling. Can't even imagine that 'steam valve' would auto-correct to that .


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                    Nothing worse than a leaky sex verse.


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                      At least we'll get to read about it in a new verse...comedy maybe, like dirty limericks? Can't be coffee related. Entry-level...?


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                        Might as well keep the dream alive in this thread now that we've all come together.

                        The leak is coming from what I think is a valve of some kind. The auto-fill setting (dial position 2) spins up the pump and begins to fill the boiler, but squirts the whole time. It's invigorating, albeit unexpectedly messy.

                        When I press the manual fill button, the leak stops and the boiler fills as expected. Is this by-passing the pump?

                        Pressing any of the auto-coffee buttons, wand or water levers work and the timing seems right for the auto-level, but the leak starts again.

                        Other fun stuff is the pressure looks like it won't budge any higher than 3 bar (?) while idle, then 11-12 when working for any auto-button or wand.

                        Image is of the squirty bit.

                        (damn mobile autocorrect)


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                          3bar is likely to be mains pressure. Your pump bypass will need adjusting to being the brew pressure down to 9-10bar.


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                            The gauge sits at 3bar without being hooked into the mains. When I tested it, the water intake was in a bucket. Maybe I'm not understanding which gauge is which though. In the image, I'm talking about the lower one with the red and yellow line.


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                              The manual boiler fill works on mains pressure, and you are right, the pump does not come into play.

                              The idle pressure of 3 bars is your mains pressure, and seems about right.

                              The 11-12 bars at other times is too high, and needs to be adjusted down to 9 bar, using a blind basket in the portafilter.

                              I'll guess that the "squirty bit" is an over-pressure or expansion valve designed to empty over-pressure pump water into the drip tray

                              ***I got distracted a couple of hours ago when I began writing this and see that in the meantime some of the issues have already been addressed***
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