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Diadema Junior Electronica stops during pour

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  • Diadema Junior Electronica stops during pour

    Hi All
    I have a Diadema junior Electronica that has given us many years of faithful service. We bought it second hand in 2010 and have worn out two touch pads and a vibe pump since then.
    Recently however it has started to either not pour when you hit the pad or it gets 5-10 seconds into the pour and stops. Sometimes it just stops altogether but just as frequently it will restart and stop rapidly many times until I stop it at the touchpad. Either way it will not pour again with any of the buttons.
    This happens on all the pour options (manual, single shot dose or double shot dose) but using the the hot water after it has occurred resets it so buttons will start pouring again.
    I suspect it is the gicar controller that needs replacing.

    After all that rambling I am getting to my point
    I am already showing severe signs of coffee withdrawal! Obviously I want it up and going again quickly, is there anything else I should check myself before either buying a controller or sending it away to the distributor?

    other info:
    Vibe pump was replaced in the last month, at the same time a descale was performed and ion exchange resin regenerated with salt.
    I normally only descale once a year (football finals time ) And I admit I do not regen the ion exchange resin as often as I should.
    I water backflush every day. Chemical backflush once a week.
    Machine does 2-6 coffees each day.
    This is not a whinge, I love my Diadema and i understand that equipment wears out.
    I am reasonably handy.

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    Have a look at the group solenoid. Thereafter I'd be investigating the control board ($$$)