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Bezzera BZ99s steam wand.

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  • Bezzera BZ99s steam wand.

    Hi all.

    I was recently given an old Bezzera BZ99s for free, it was claimed to be not working however after some thorough descaling and cleaning it's running pretty well.
    I have 2 concerns though.

    1. The Steam wand doesn't articulate, I found a replacement wand on ebay however it's $70. Is this a fair price? Can anyone suggest AU retailers for spare parts?
    2. The tip on the existing steam wand is really strange and despite searching online I can't find any information about it. Has anyone seen anything like this before? If so does the handle/pipe part serve a purpose?

    Click image for larger version

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    Much Appreciated.


  • #2 stock Bezzera and the spares - Most importantly they could guarantee you have the right part. not sure if this is the right arm


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      Thanks for that, looks like they have lots of parts there, and thats definitely my existing steam wand that doesn't articulate.


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        I bought the articulating wand for my old bezzera. Made a massive difference. It was a little longer than thold one I think from memory but worked well. I bought it from coffee parts I believe. Fitted myself no problems. Super easy to do.


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          Welcome Neal.
          Your pic of the wand doesn't hit me straight up as this being OEM.
          Do some searches here there has been some great threads on Rebuilds and a cple were on the BZ99 / BZ35.
          One was by member Brendogs. Good Read.
          here -

          I also endorse Coffee Parts. Long time sponsor and good to deal with. Reputable.

          Don't be shy to post up your adventures. It is a strong brand and deserves more recognition here.


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            I bought a second-hand BZ99s and had it descaled & serviced prior to taking it home to use it. One of the first things I did was order the articulated steam wand which I swapped over as soon as I got it home so I never experienced the original steam wand. I'm certain mine didn't have that that extra spur/handle so I'm not really sure if that was ever a standard feature - the BZ99 changed a bit over the years (mine is an early model) so it could indeed be an original.