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Ecm group filter disassembly?

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  • Ecm group filter disassembly?

    Hi I have a ecm mechanika slim. I’m having trouble pulling apart the group cylinder from the mushroom nut. It seems to be threaded but really tight. I’m trying to check the small filter in the cylinder for blockage.

    To be clear, I have removed the cylinder from the e61, just not sure how to unscrew, or which direction to unscrew the cylinder from the nut? Any idea?

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    All the E61's I have worked on and they're components are 'normal everyday' right hand threads.

    Try a Vice with Soft Jaws, or Wood inserts plus wrap the outer nut with cloth. Once anchored carefully apply ever increasing pressure
    till it appears it wont move then apply a snap pressure such as with a shove from a free hand.
    As its in the hydraulic / brew path all threaded (external seal) nuts are at tensions of around 80 ft /lbs and above.
    The larger the spanner the better.
    Remember Right hand thread - to loosen = anti clockwise !

    ^ If you find you have any scale on the mushroom and filter screen, after cleaning it check other areas of machine such as pump outlet and return.
    Also assess your kettle as a sample of what level of hardness / scale your water is carrying.
    For example Im in an area of S.E. Qld with 'so called' good quality water at circa 24- 32 ppm as tested and 'communicated' by the local authority!
    However after running 'Coffee Quality' (15um) water filtration for the last 10 years still found minor levels of scale buildup. I have recently uprated to micro filtration at 2um. I'm keeping a close eye on the variance experienced. One of those is the quality of coffee / taste in the cup IS improved !

    *I don't have an ECM - either the original Italian ECM (earlier version) or the current German ECM. Nor have I worked on one that I recall.
    So I am very open to hearing from someone with hands on exp with this one.

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      Yes, it's standard right hand thread, the lower section of the mushroom on the ECM have two flats machined into it, use a 19mm spanner on those, 36mm spanner or vice on upper section, careful not to damage chrome


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        Just re-reading I think you mean trying to remove the gicleur (small bolt with a pinhole size opening) you are trying to remove, if so you need a 7 or 8mm socket, can't remember and you may need to use some force to break the seal in an anti-clockwise direction.


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          Okay thanks! Does it come out easier if heated first?
          This is the explode parts diagram.....
          Page 10, unscrewing 27 from 28 to get access to 24. :0)


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            I think a found a thread to help you, I think you have a different part 27 (mushroom valve) and you need a 14mm Hex key to remove 27 and you might have the wrong parts diagram;


            Try this parts diagram as I think it has your correct mushroom valve;


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              No, I have the correct parts diagram for the mechanika V slim. That first link shows the type of ECM mushroom I have (if you scroll to the bottom). Thanks!