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Lelit steam boiler filling continuously

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  • Lelit steam boiler filling continuously

    I replaced the main pump in my Lelit PL60T (7 yrs old) three days ago which restored the brew pressure very well and was an easy enough process. This morning after making my first cup the steam boiler pump started to run and wouldn't stop. Pressure quickly built up to max so I ran the steam wand which of course just resulted in a steady flow of hot water from it. Turned it all off for 5 minutes and tried again. The steam boiler continued to fill for about 30 seconds then finally stopped. I made a second cup and it all started again, continuous filling.

    There has been a leak from somewhere around the steam boiler for some time now. When turning on, about 50-100ml flows steadily out the bottom of the machine. Too poor to think about fixing it unfortunately but with this new problem I am a little more motivated to see if I can make repairs without breaking the budget.

    Any ideas on where to start would be appreciated.
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    After the continuous filling, the problem has changed... Yay!
    The leak is far greater now. Pump for steam boiler comes on for 2 seconds every minute and this seem to all leak out. Steam boiler element is no longer heating. So it definitely needs to be looked at by a tech.
    Since I am a student, parent and have lost all three casual jobs due to lockdown the option to have it fixed professionally will have to wait.
    Until then, is there a way to disable the steam boiler pump so I can still make espresso without having a constant leak?


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      Can you not turn the steam boiler off with the switch on the right hand side of the machine? Or does that only turn off the heating element?


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        Just had a quick look on the relevant JB webpage, and it would seem that switching off the Steam should disengage the pump also...

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          Thanks for the replies. Yes switching steam switch off stops the element heating but does not stop the pump trying to fill the steam boiler, at least not for me. However the filling behaviour is weird (2 seconds every 30 seconds - minute, then may stop for a little while). Also, the element is no longer heating when switched.
          Poor old thing!


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            Probably worthwhile touching base with Charlie or one of his excellent staff to help you suss out what's going on.
            I'm not familiar with this particular model.