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Bezzera BZ02s overpressure/channeling

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  • Bezzera BZ02s overpressure/channeling

    I have recently bought brand new old stock BZ02s. It's a great machine for the price but I suspect it's running over pressure at the brew head and causing channeling.
    I don't have a pressure gauge to confirm but despite my best efforts over 6 months and varying techniques with dose, tamp etc I can't eliminate the consistent channeling.
    I live in Wollongong and was hoping a fellow snob might have a group handle gauge that I could hire or if someone with a Livia 90 or Bezzera could instruct me about lowering the group pressure.

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    Hi there - can't help with either a pressure gauge or living in Wollongong (I was there up until 2017!). Just checking that you've checked whether a cooling flush helps with your issue? It's something I need to do with my Bezzera BZ99s and is likely to be a common issue with Bezzeras.

    If you need to get someone to have a proper look at the machine I recommend site sponsor Di Bartoli who were based in Bondi when I lived in the Gong, however they're now a bit more conveniently located in Rosebery.


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      Yeah mate I do a cooling flush every time. I've presume I've tried everything but still have consistent channeling issues. Another thing is my machine makes a high pitched rattle/squeal when pulling a shot.


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        Fair enough - you might be able to purchase a pressure gauge that screws into your portafilter, otherwise it might be worth getting a professional set up as inconvenient as that may be. Good luck!


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          Sam, this thread might be just what you need in terms of a gauge