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2007 Unico splendour steam tap leaking.. anyone help?

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  • 2007 Unico splendour steam tap leaking.. anyone help?

    Hey everyone,

    I have a first edition Unico splendour machine that has a leaking steam wand (the tap is always on a little bit) so I need help... but where to start?

    I could take it apart to try replace a tap seal, or I could just attach a whole new tap and wand?

    Does anyone have the specs on the size of the thread for the tap? Anyone have advice on upgrading the tap? Or has anyone taken one of these taps apart and solved the problem with a simple fix?



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    Hey Brew,

    I have the Splendor myself, great machine. I dont have a problem with leaking but anyparts i need i have found through Coffee Parts, this is an exploded view of the steam wand section and it lists them as links to the part you can buy. A good start is the seals or o'rings to get things back to how they should be. I had thought about looking into if there is a cool touch wand that can be upgraded to. Also just search 'BFC' on the site and it will bring up the other exploded view sections of the machine.

    Mods - Apologies if the link isnt allowed but is the only place i have found good 'exploded' parts for this particular machine and parts for it available.


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      Coffee Parts are as site sponsor, so the link is very much allowed. I've had nothing but positive experiences with them.


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        The original Unico Splendor with the side moving wands (not ball jointed) used teflon discs in the valves. They're pretty much indestructible.
        What does fail on them though is the metal surrounding the disc. Parts of it break off which can get stuck on the valve seat or further down the wand. The disc can pop out of place causing leaks or intermittent steaming performance.

        It's very easy to disassemble the tap. Just undo the nut directly behind the knob (machine off and with no boiler pressure) and unscrew the knob until it comes out. You should be able to clearly see any problems.