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Vibiemme Domobar Super - Restoration - Frame Rust

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  • Vibiemme Domobar Super - Restoration - Frame Rust


    I picked up an old VBM Domobar Super HX cheap to restore and have a play with. It all seems to work, just the internals need a solid clean. I'll strip it down and clean it up so it should be good to go.

    My biggest concern is the frame. It's an old Powder Coated black frame and has extensive rust in the front of the frame under the drip tray. Someone has sprayed the whole thing (carelessly) with some rust treatment to stop it getting worse but it's in pretty bad way. My question is. Anyone got any suggestions for how to fix it up?

    I figure my options are:
    1 - Get a new frame. Anyone know where I might get an old frame from? Someone's machine beyond repair but the frame still good? Any leads would be appreciated!!!

    2 - Sand the frame back. Cut out any rust. Treat. Fill in with epoxy resin to make a drip tray that doesn't have any holes. Paint. Then build a support for under the frame as it's getting pretty thin and weak with holes around the feet. (I'm not too experienced working with metal so I'll need to find some help to do this!)

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    I'm interested to see what advice you get. I have the same machine with rust starting to form under the drip tray. Other than that, it's a good machine. Keen to prevent it getting worse.


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      I found a bit of rust in the steel frame of my Brasilia Portofino when I was restoring it. I just hit it with a wire brush to remove the rust and then painted the damaged area with White Knight Cold Gal undercoat. The rust has not returned.


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        Hi dimitsch. I think Ted2013 is onto the right approach.

        The VBM I'm bringing back has more than a few spots of rust forming and basically needs a new frame under the drip tray. In the end another CS'er has parted with a spare frame for me to finish my machine with. I've got everything ready to go just have to find the time to actually put it together now.

        If yours has just some bits of rust forming I'd suggest either a metal brush or sanding to get rid of the rust then coat to stop it coming back. Some sort of rust inhibiting undercoat (I even found some fish oil spray as an option) to stop it forming again. Especial getting some rust inhibitor under the runners on the sides of the frame below the drip tray, as on the Powder coated frames I think this is a prone area. Obviously the best approach would be to strip down to the frame and re-Powder coat, but that's a much bigger job. If it's just a few spots starting rust treatment should be enough.

        Good luck!