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Sunbeam Torino. No Steam. Need Help!!

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  • Sunbeam Torino. No Steam. Need Help!!

    Ive only used this machine once then it sat for a year as we dident use that room. Moved it to kitchen and gave it a good clean including having the machine on its back. Now there is no bar pressure although water flows through group head and hot water wand.
    There is no steam and makes bump bump bump type noise.
    lCD display is blank during this.

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    Thanks for the redirect.


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      Grab a paperclip or wire and check if the steam wand is blocked with milk.


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        Ive done that and unscrewed it and blew through it. Tried it without the tip on. Nothing. I think the Bump bump noise is the pump trying to get water up to ?the hot bit? but isent doing the job. Thanks for your advice.


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          Ok sounds like an obstruction further up the steam assembly or near the pump.

          I think there a Torino parts diagram on the this forum under documentation you might have to take the sides off. I had one of these for a few months but never removed the case as it was working perfectly.

          Mainly mentioned that as I recenIly fixed a machine with an apparent steam function broken which was just dried milk in the tip quickly fixed with a paperclip.


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            Roosterben. Thank you for your advice. I will give that a crack.


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              The bump bump noise could just be the way the pump stops and starts to slowly move water through the thermoblock. Try looking up a video of one steaming and see if it sounds the same.


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                I've seen a few that have had a blockage in the steam control solenoid. You'll have to get inside the machine to diagnose this.

                There is a pipe leading from the steam thermoblock inlet to the solenoid valve. It's pretty easy to disassemble it all, can be a bit intimidating as there are a lot of wires and pipes around the place. In the attached picture I have circled the solenoid.

                Before you pull the solenoid apart, just check the ends of the tubes that connect to it. Sometimes the scale can accumulate there as it's a pinch point due to the brass union around it.

                Click image for larger version

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                  Thanks noidle22 I have it open ATM and was sus on a solenoid failing, so I will give it a crack. If it helps there is hot water running into the back of the drip tray when the steam is supposed to be running.