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Help with choosing a machine 2-3k

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  • Help with choosing a machine 2-3k

    Hi folks,

    I have decided to move on from my Lelit Combi after 6 years. It has served me well, but is coming up with a few issues here and there and steam isn't great pressure.

    So I am now looking at upgrading the machine to something else.

    What I like: I like all of the ECM range especially the Mechanika and also the Bezzera range.

    My use: 2-4 lattes per day made on the machine, sometimes up to 6 at a time when entertaining.

    My wants:

    - Ability to steam milk and pour a shot at the same time;
    - Reasonable heat up time.
    - Well known, easily serviced brand.
    - Preferably rotary pump.
    - 2-3k range

    So with what is available on the market right now, what would you recommend?

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    Hello Cameron,

    You wont go wrong with either of those two brands.
    ECM Mechanika is a beautifully built machine. The Bezzera Mitica has just had an upgrade and now has a PID. Both have rotary pumps.

    You probably wont get one of these for under $3K. The rotary pump requirement pushes them over that figure.

    If you can consider a machine with a vibration pump you will open yourself up to a machines closer to your budget.

    Rotary pumps are nice and quiet, however unless you need to plumb in then it is worth considering the vibe option




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      Thanks for that Anthony.

      So if I removed the rotary pump requirement, what would be your recommendation?



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        FYI - I am eagerly watching all responses as I am in a similar boat to Cameron. 2-3k is likely okay, 3.5+ is probably not.


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          Mechanika V Slim? I'm running a Technika V Profi & couldn't be happier. I was tossing up between this and the Mitica PID (I personally like the profi-style levers over rotary valves) and felt the ECM was a more solid build in side by side comparison. In your price range, the Rocket Appartamento or Profitec Pro 500 would also be worth a look if you're partial to the rotary valves; both great looking, solidly built machines.


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            I have the Ecm Mechanika v slim and this has been my first espresso machine I’ve owned. Had it for 4 months and can’t fault it while still learning and perfecting my skills. Steam power is fantastic and very quick and no wait time. I like the styling of the handles and leavers and had no issue with rotary valves.

            I do find that the water tank needs to be filled every day, which not an issue for me, but I can see how a plumbed in rotary machine would be more convenient. A bit of water is waisted with cooling flushes and general group head flush’s. I think a machine with PID like the Profitech 500 would improve this situation. If you make a lot of drinks I would get a plumbed machine. I make around 4-5 drinks in the morning.

            I would factor in bottomless portafilter and upgraded basket, and consider the flow control from the outset too. I’m assuming you already have good water filter and grinder setup at home.


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              Hi Cameron. Have a look over the Rocket Giotto Type V or Mozzafiato Type V. Head and shoulders the quietest vibe pumps I have heard in any e-61 machine.

              You should be able to find one at not too far distant from your budget.