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Profitec Pro 500 filling boiler during milk steaming

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    Originally posted by noidle22 View Post
    Good job that it's working now, I can't understand why adjusting the pressurestat would cause the boiler to not refill as much. It's a completely different circuit, the autofill doesn't care what the boiler pressure is. Maybe as it's heating for a shorter time now, the agitated water around the probe isn't bubbling for as long and just stops in time before the autofill goes to operate, dunno. Maybe in the course of the cleaning and maintenance is what solved it. That's got me a few times before, doing multiple things as once and being unsure of what it was that made it work again. Regardless, it works now so it's all good.
    Before it was doing frequent fills that were really quick and wouldn’t have pumped much water in at all. Now, it’s waiting and doing bigger fills, which I think is indicative that the water boiling was causing the boiler probe to become exposed. Not sure, but happy it’s working well now.