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Upgrade time Lelit Mara PL62 vs Expobar Minore IV

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  • Upgrade time Lelit Mara PL62 vs Expobar Minore IV

    Hi folks, I have been using my Minore IV for around 8 years. has served me well with only a handful of repairs over the years.

    the PID is on the way out and is around $300 to replace (part only). The internal wiring is also showing signs of heat deterioration hence I am heading towards some larger expenditure to keep her going a bit longer. Hence I am considering a new machine.

    I really like having a PID for stability, E61 is a must, Hot water is also useful for me and large drip tray. Budget is around $2,500.

    so I am considering a Minore IV (since I have a supply of parts in my old machine) or do I go for something a little more compact in the Lelit Mara PL62.

    Keen for some thoughts on the Lelit and internal build quality. Open to other suggestions on other models I have not considered.