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Any Bazerra BZ10 Reviews?

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    Originally posted by Schepckle View Post
    Hi, I would like to know more about this too. I’m also contemplating a BZ10 but would like to know if there is a noticeable difference in taste. I’m a newbie and upgrading from a Sunbeam, so I’m sure the BZ10 will produce a much better shot. However, I usually drink milk based coffee so would prefer a fuller body shot. Is there much of a difference in flavour between shots from an E61 vs BZ10 grouphead?
    If I am pulling the same roast on both machines, I do find the E61 has the edge in producing a fuller body. When drinking side by side there is a noticeable difference, but in saying that, the BZ10 still makes a great coffee. I also have past experiences with sunbeam 6910 & 7000 - I think the BZ10 is big a step up from both of those machines.


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      Thanks for your reply Boggas - that was really helpful! I was pretty set on the BZ10 because of the quick warm up time. We have friends/family drop by with short notice quite often so the other machines were not so compatible with our needs. I was worried about the lack of depth but your post has reassured me, so thanks again


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        For anyone interested, real good pricing now on the BZ10 at a certain appliance online retailer


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          Originally posted by 392392 View Post

          My experience with the BZ-10 is pretty good. Pours good shots and steams well. Below is my opinion about it.

          Pros -
          Very fast heat up, 10 minutes both the group head and boiler are ready, you might want to wait an additional 10 minutes for your portafilter to heat up tho. All in all, 20 minutes tops and you're good to go.
          Compact, I have a pretty small kitchen, so this is a win for me. (it does come with trade offs though)
          Pours really good shots when dialled in. I drink blacks and my wife whites; it works really well for both.
          Can steam and pour simultaneously. (not the biggest pros though, since I like to take my time to steam; it is however, handy when people come over, and i really don't bother to note down my results)

          Cons -
          - Finnicky, your shot prep has to be spot on, else you can really get inconsistent results. But once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to get consistent results. Believe this is because the group shower screen sits quite deep in the portafilter, so usually you have underdose a little, else you'll smack into the showerscreen.
          - The boiler isn't big enough to hold a lot of steam pressure. If you're brewing and steaming, you'll notice that it lacks some oomph. Plus side, is that you can take your time to get the steam right, (well up until you need to flip the switch to stop brewing).
          - Steaming takes practice too, took me awhile to get the steam to a good texture. (the steam pressure drops a fairly quickly before it stays level, so control is a big factor)
          - Drip tray is quite small, and the height between portafilter and tray is quite short. Small drip tray = splashes when 3way valve opens. Short length = you can't fit a scale when you brew.
          - Pressure switch adjustment screw a little hard to reach, overpressure valve pretty much require opening the casing (also not the easiest).

          Can't complain, its a real bang for buck. I can't say how well it performs compared to other machines, but me happy. It's easy to use, easy to clean, makes good shots, makes good milk coffees.

          Machine is paired with VST 18g and 22g baskets, and a Sette 270.

          Hope this helps in some way.
          Mate, where did you get the valve from? Did you get the complete valve with coil? Can you get just the rubber plunger part? Mine has the same issue - chipped rubber. This was only a 2 month old complete solenoid valve with coil ($140).


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            392392 commented
            Editing a comment
            I got it done through Casa Espresso, I couldn't undo the valve (i don't have a table vice).
            Believe they swapped the valve only, coil was reused.

            AFAIK it's hard to get the plunger here, but the valve should have plenty of alternatives (if not like for like replacement).