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Profitec slow pressure ramp up part?

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  • Profitec slow pressure ramp up part?

    I’m wondering if there is a part that Profitec fit to their vibe pumps to give that slow pressure ramp up?

    if so, can it be fitted to the BZ10?

    I’ve seen people fit the Quick Mill pulsar part to their vibe pumps and it helps in quieting them down.

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    Domestic appliance manufacturers have been using dampeners for years, doesn't really affect the flow profile or pressure ramp of the pump though.

    A vibe pump has a naturally slow ramp to full pressure, there's no real benefit in making it slower.

    Perhaps you are meaning the flow control device that Profitec released for the E61 group? This controls flow (and pressure as a result) but at the group rather than at the pump. If you have an E61 group on your Bezzera, it will probably work. Whether or not it will improve your espresso is another question. I put one on my project Unico Splendor and am still experimenting with it.


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      Thanks for the reply. I had seen the flow control device, but what I was getting at is that in a lot of the ads I've come across, they mention the slow pressure ramp-up of the machine, so I wasn't sure if there was a part for this. Perhaps they were just referring to the natural ramp-up of the vibe pump.

      I then came across the Quick Mill pulsor which people have fitted on other machines and that has helped dampen the vibe pump, so wasn't sure if Profitec had something similar.

      I will look at sourcing the Profitec vibe pump mounts though to see if that helps. I did read that pump mounts should be replaced periodically anyway.


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        E61 group heads have a natural ramp up due to the inner cavities that must be filled with water before much pressure can build. Perhaps that's what they meant.


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          I have an ECM Technika V. I find for a beginner like myself that a flow controller may help with the extraction? Or is that too advanced for a beginner? I can get one for about $300 and they look easy to fit. Would something like a flow controller be of assistance?


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            A Profitec flow control valve can be fitted to any Profitec machine with an E61 group but no, they are not designed to make it easier for beginners. They simply regulate the volume of water hitting the puck. You need to concentrate on getting the right dose, distribution, tamp and pour before going down this path.
            Are you experiencing any problems with pouring espresso shots?
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              I believe they also fit ECM machines.

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              There is also an ECM-specific version, the only difference appears to be the branding on the pressure gauge though. Perfect match for the gauges on the Technika, I've installed one on mine and it's a great bit of kit.