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Water flowing out of my pressure gauge! Carisma S1

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  • Water flowing out of my pressure gauge! Carisma S1

    Hi all,

    Ok, bit of background, I have a Faema Carisma S1, about 2 years old and over time my pressure gauge (the needle) would not re-settle back to zero when the machine was turned off.

    Every few months it would baseline at a new point on the gauge, strange i thought, but everything working fine apart from that.

    Then last week, the needle in the gauge has finally done a 360 and was butted up against the underside of the gauges' stop pin!

    Everything still working as normal, then i noticed some condensation after backflushing, i made a few more coffees and i then one time had water filling up in the gauge.

    At this point i retired the machine to investigate and here i am.

    I have the cover off, and have taken out the gauge and capillary tubing, no blockages on the tubing inlets, nylon (i'm assuming) seals seem in good condition.

    I have a new gauge on order but don't I want to have the same issue again if it's not an issue with the gauges' Bourdon tube creaking/leaking.

    Could it be the non-return valve needs a service/is stuck and has forced water up out the gauge? (this part )

    Anything else to check or could it just be the gauge is faulty?