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BFC Junior Plus Lever - help needed to determine issue

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  • BFC Junior Plus Lever - help needed to determine issue

    Hi Coffee Snob Community,

    Aussie living abroad in the USA currently and couldn't live without decent coffee and brought over my BFC Junior Plus Levetta machine and K3 touch grinder and cold drip set up.
    The BFC Junior plus has industry standard E61 group head and two valves, one for steam and other for hot water for tea etc for those not familiar.

    Recently I have been experiencing the following issue when I power on my machine via my step up transformer.

    When turned on, my vibration pump turns on- normal if boiler needs a top up from last use and prime the water system, but

    the pump remains on constantly.
    • The boiler is not over flowing so I don't suspect the auto level probe.
      • When I recently descaled (6 weeks ago) and removed probe connection to over fill boiler, very obvious if boiler is over full and water leaks from vent.
    • Also if I open my hot water valve for Tea and drain water from boiler, the water sensing circuit activates and refills the boiler and stops once back to set level but pump remains on but at a lower sound obviously due to no water flow.
      • When I place my fingers on pump feed line from reservoir, you can feel the vibrating and pump to push water.
      • There is two probes going into boiler, but cannot identify the other from schematics I have found
        • Double checked both connections are tight and no wire damage being terminal blade connections
    Obviously I don't want to burn out the pump but trying to workout what would be telling the pump to remain on?

    Hoping some more experienced members might be able to point my in the right direction or suggest any tests I can try and report back. The Junior Plus is a 2005 model so no spring chicken but been a fantastic domestic machine and great step up from my first entry level coffee machines - Breville/Gaggia Classic etc.

    Really appreciate your time to assist - being US based, dropping into a local coffee repair shop is limited if serious trouble shooting/parts are required.

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    If required, can take a small video of machine if needed to help with troubleshooting.


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      Have you tried disconnecting one of the wires coming from the Lever Brew Switch?
      It could be that this switch is sticking "On" even though the Lever is in the "Off" position...



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        My Unico Splendor I got a few months ago exhibited exactly the same symptom and it was a shorted brew microswitch. This is the small roller or pin switch that the lever presses when you lift it to brew a shot. If it shorts out, the machine constantly thinks the brew lever is up and will engage the pump. As the water can't flow through the group, it'll all bypass through the OPV back to the tank.

        You can measure the microswitch contacts with a multimeter set to continuity test to see if this is the problem. You will need to remove the case to get access. Normal rules apply of have the machine unplugged before disassembly.


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          Hi Mal, Noidle22,

          Thanks for the input. I checked the lever brew switch and its the culprit. I removed the power wire to switch and turned the machine on and pump didn't turn on Part ordered and looking forward to a quiet early morning coffee again. :-)

          Much appreciated.




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            A pleasure Aaron...
            Glad that you will be back in normal operation again soon...