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Tips on removing shower screen? (recently installed an IMS shower screen)

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  • Tips on removing shower screen? (recently installed an IMS shower screen)

    Hi, I'm having trouble removing my shower screen so looking for some tips.

    I have a VBM Domobar Super HX - pretty sure it was the stock shower screen before hand which I could remove slotting a teaspoon on an angle and pulling on the ridge.

    Recently I installed an IMS shower screen (E61200IM) - which doesn't have that same amount of protruded lip which I can use a spoon on. It does have a VERY MILD one - and it is not enough for me to get any leverage. I've tried pretty hard and I'm at the point where I'm worried I'll start scratching the metal on the shower screen, and on the edge of the grouphead.

    Are there any other tips to help remove it? Better to do it hot or cold? Anything else I can use other than a teaspoon? etc.

    Here's a photo in case it helps (as you can see, some sort of lip, but very minimal).

    Thanks in advance!

    Click image for larger version

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    I use a flat blade screwdriver, when it is cold. Those who have removed these more often than myself, maybe able to comment on hot vs cold, but I would have thought that as there is more metal in the group than the screen, the group would expand more with heat, meaning hot would result in a tighter fit. I could however be totally wrong.

    Edit - see the 27:30 mark of this helpful youtube - I use a longer blade screwdriver.
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      I use a plastic bike tyre lever as I'm paranoid about scratches.

      Work all the available angles progressively.

      I work cold.

      Once it's out a little food grade lube on the gasket helps for the next time.

      Good luck with it.



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        Work with group hot - it comes out easier. On stubborn ones I use channel lock style pliers (I have Knipex Cobras). Do a water back flush then (assuming the group seal is good - flexible and not baked) gently grab the shower in the jaws (so handles are in a position like a locked group handle) and wiggle back and front towards the drip tray.


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          G'day mate...

          Long time no see. Hope all is good...



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            Hi Mal! Really good! Ferociously busy with commercial machines but I’ve recently worked on two GS/3s - one conical valve upgrade on an old MP - and missed the whole non-commercial enthusiast thing. I’ve been in Brisbane for 5 months now and I’m enjoying it.
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              Great to hear that...



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                Had a filter coffee yesterday that was brewed by last years’ participant in the Brewer’s Cup. It was ... the most unreal clean cup of Hario V60 coffee I’ve ever had. I asked him to show me the grind particle size out of the EK43. “What did you do before this?” I asked him. “Study Physics,” he replied. Yep: I could see how he approached the whole thing 👍🏻☕️.


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                  So ... here’s the idea. Note 3M silicone stickies to prevent scratches. Pardon the 58mm blind basket. Haven’t used an E61 shower in ... quite a while.
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                    If you’re still struggling with that shower screen, try a different screwdriver. I had problems with mine, I changed to a screwdriver that had a dipped end and it gets much better grip.


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                      If you're running a standard black rubber group gasket, they can be a pain once they dry out.. I used to remove/sacrifice the old gaskets by screwing in a couple of wood screws & pulling down. Since ditching the rubber & moving to silicone gaskets, I can easily remove my IMS shower screen with a chop stick (while hot). Slides out very easily because the silicone stays soft.