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1st post - $2500-3000 machine help

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  • 1st post - $2500-3000 machine help

    Hi team,

    Medium term lurker.

    Past machine experience was a Saeco magic delux around 2000... However, partner and i are drinking 2 lattes each per day, and $$ wise we're decided best to buy our own machine & grinder. Want to replicate what we enjoy from a commercial barista

    So many machine choices!

    Narrowing down to the Izzo Vivi, and ECM M V Slim based on reviews (youtube/forums).

    Don't mind vibration system, nor one without a PID/ shot timer, and doesn't need to be plumbed in. My main requirement is a good honest system that is reliable. I anticipate pulling 4 lattes per day on average.

    Any personal inputs appreciated, even for brands not listed!

    Cheers Sam

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    G'day Sam, and welcome,
    pretty good sized budget for a new setup. Certainly a good assortment of machines and grinders in that range.

    Personally I have a musica, paired with a lido hand grinder. But if I was making 4 drinks per day, I would drag the k3 into use.
    Some good units in the for sale section of you are considering used.


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      Hi Sam,

      Are you after a machine and grinder for the stated budget?



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        Thanks Jackster, keen on hearing some personal stories.

        Charlie 2500-3000 is for machine, grinder seperate.