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  • Recommended machines / grinder

    Hey all, looking at some recommendations on what sort of machine/grinder I should be looking at.

    I drink black only, about 2 per day.

    looking around $2k-$3k for both, happy for second hand if anyone has anything for sale ?‍♂️ (Would post a wanted but need more posts first!)

    Upgrading from a Breville Oracle, so if anyone is looking for one of them also, let me know!

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    Are you likely to want to change coffees regularly or do you drink the same one as the time? Would you be for our against single dosing? Where on the manual/automatic spectrum would you be happy?

    If you're only drinking black a high end single boiler will probably be best. E.g. ECM Classika PID. For the grinder something like an Atom 65 or Niche Zero


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      I change coffee quite often, so single dosing would be good I think! I’m pretty happy with a manual process (only bought my oracle because I had to convince my ex to let me replace the pod machine and needed something she could use, admittedly she used it a lot to make me coffee so wasn’t all bad ? ).

      I’ve read a lot about the niche zero, still a bit hesitant though, probably just my preferences towards old school time tested brands.


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        I've had one on my bench for the last year, wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.


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          Machine options include: ECM Casa V, Lelit Victoria PL91T, ECM Classika PID, Vibiemme Domobar Piccolo (new version due in the next few months)


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            Ooooo the new Vibiemme Domobar Piccolo looks nice