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    Hi all, I have just given my Pro 500 a major service after 5 years of everyday use. The machine goes through about 600g a week, runs on bottled water, and has a frequent cleaning. During servicing the only signs of wear were a loose low level sensor and perished seals in the steam wand, but I ran a major service kit through the E61 it in any case. I have added some photos of the disassembled group, what’s people’s thoughts on the amount of scale buildup. The machine has never had a de-scale, I am assessing if I should consider one? Thanks.
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    Don't think all of that is Scale Boggas...

    Looks like accumulated light corrosion deposits for the most part with maybe a few very small scale nodules.
    If you grab a bottle of Dual Action Descaling fluid, pretty sure that will all clean up like new...



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      Agreed with Mal. What is there is relatively light.

      When I see scale, I am more inclined to have a look somewhere else: remove an easily accessible plumb run or similar and then determine whether descale is really required as when you apply acid, you remove metal.

      You might just want to clean up the mushroom if the machine looks ok elsewhere.


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        Thanks guys, the mushroom cleaned up easy with some descale solution as suggested. I had a look through some lines/fittings, it looked pretty scale free. Always good to get some helpful advice, thank you.
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