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Bezzera BZ10 - Pressure gauge needle vibrating

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  • Bezzera BZ10 - Pressure gauge needle vibrating

    Hi all,

    Recently I've noticed the pressure gauge needle on my BZ10 is vibrating more than usual. It used to be very stable and still.

    I'm not sure if it's indicating the start of an issue? Or maybe I just need to give the OPV a good clean out?
    I regularly backflush with water and chemicals, but I've never fully pulled apart anything for a deep clean or service.

    Video below of the needle at full pressure with a blind basket:

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    You could try just adjust the OPV up/down run some water then return to original position, did this on an E61 machine I am working on and removed a speaking sound which was also having the pressure gauge jumping around a bit. Bit hard to say if you have got a piece of scale stuck in the OPV or somewhere else. Can also be a sign of a failing vibrating pump.


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      Thanks for the suggestion.

      It's a 2016 machine, so probably due for good service. I haven't pulled apart and cleaned the OPV before.

      Vibration pump could also be on the way out as I've read they only last a few years?


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        Pump is probably Ok, four years isn't old and the indication for a worn pump is its ability to pump water against the setting of the OPV.