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MINORE IV. To repair or not?

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  • MINORE IV. To repair or not?

    Seeking some thoughts. I have an 8-9year old EXPOBAR Minore IV.

    It has been well maintained over the years but much of the plastic inside is showing signs of heat effect.

    Recently the PID has disintegrated and the brew boiler no longer gets any power/priority to heat. PID constantly displays 1.05 (forward version ).

    I can replace the pid for ~ $200 and hopefully the main board is fine... but I wonder if it is worth the trouble!

    appreciate some thoughts here? What does a second hand machine like this sell for?
    (Likely I’d never get Monday back.)


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    Is it's in good working order I'd expect towards $1k. Machines like this that are mostly metal tend to last for decades when looked after, so repairs are almost always worthwhile.


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      I replaced the PID on my Minore III and it is still ticking along. It is now 11 years old and apart form a few seals, temp sensor, PID and a couple of pressure stats it is a great machine. As level3ninja said repairs almost always worth while




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        sizl You can see I've started fixing up a minore ii. My temp controller had a transformer blown, but if that was the case you would have no power. Have you removed the cover and tried tightening all the screws on the back of the PID? If the NTC breaks, the old red display shows E1. I wonder what the new blue display does? Could that be your problem?


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          I may have instructions for the PID for settings and the like.


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            Thanks all. You’ve motivated me to crack open the machine and give it a nice clean. Repair the PID and hope it all works again. Aaron2, I saw you post. Looks great.


            • aaron2
              aaron2 commented
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              PM me if you have any questions. I'm a newbie on coffee machines, but general electrical repair I can be useful.