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Pressure gauge at max.

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  • Pressure gauge at max.

    Hi folks. Have an old grimac Mia. This morning I heard it hissing during heat up and noticed the gauge was at max. There is no visible sign of a leak. Before I start messing around thought I'd ask the brains trust. Faulty thermostat? Assume if there was an actual leak somewhere that may actually reduce the pressure? Any advice appreciated, cheers. Steve

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    Dead pressurestat


    • Burkeyboy
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      Cheers, makes sense. Any chance they're a fairly standard bit of equipment?

    • Caffeinator
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      Yes- Google Expobar Pressurestat.

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    If it is this one, I found the prices vary wildly on the web.
    Last time I needed to replace, I ordered one from UK (still best price even with postage) and took the original out and gave it a clean in some backwash detergent for a bit.
    Put the original back in place after a clean and it was working OK, so I figured I have a temporary fix whilst waiting for the new part to arrive.

    The temp fix lasted for about 11 months!
    On the plus side, this time when it died, I had the spare ready to go!


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      Looks correct. All do the same thing, just the old analogue spring version and the newer micro switch version.