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Rancilio Epoca-good buy?

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  • Rancilio Epoca-good buy?

    Hey guys,

    so I’ve come across a used Rancilio Epoca tank version for sale, the guy says it’s around 5 yrs old but it’s not getting any water from the group head. Apparently it just goes straight to the waste tank.
    Does that sound like a faulty solenoid?

    Any suggestions on what the problem might be would be really appreciated, I’m thinking of grabbing it and fixing it up if it’s something relatively simple.

    Hes asking $400
    Is that a Decent price?

    Thanks in advance

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    Sounds cheap but if the solenoid is blocked it may need some other work due to not being maintained.

    Check it is heating to full pressure, check for pressure clicking on and off and steam and water functions work.

    Check the heating element seal for leaks.

    Solenoids can often be fixed by disassembly and soaking in descaler for a day or two. If they need to be replaced you could figure $80-$100 part. But will prob need shower screen, group seal and anti vac valve around $50 for all three.

    If you grab for $250-$300 and you are good at tinkering that is a good buy. Just keep in mind it runs big boiler and will take some time to heat up (45-60 mins) if it is running off 10 amps.


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      Ok great, thanks for the tips.
      I don’t think I’ll get it under $400 as he’s not willing to budge on the price but I don’t mind having a go at fixing it, hopefully it’s nothing too serious