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    Originally posted by emslibbles View Post

    You’ll definitely be needing scales with a grinder like the niche!

    You’ll also probably want a wifi smart plugboard of some variety to help you have that machine already warm when you wake up, for those rushed mornings!
    Will add the smart plug to the to-do list!

    It seems that the IKEA Bror table is also a popular choice to hold everything so looking into that.


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      Barry, would I need a better scale for responsiveness to weigh out the shot given that I’m just starting off?


      • Barry O'Speedwagon
        Barry O'Speedwagon commented
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        Mate, as you will see from the comments below, peoples' opinions will differ on this (and that's to be expected). In the context that I use the 'cheapie' scales (on a stone benchtop...not running a hammer drill while trying to weigh my bean...nor am I trying to weight the grinds as they fall out of the grinder chute ) , I find no reason not to use them. I'm not even trying to dose exactly 15.60 grams every time (typicallly +/- 0.1 grams makes no noticeable difference to me). So you could either try the cheapies and see how you go (at worst you've got a $10 set of scales that you can use if you become a cat burglar or something), or buy a more advanced set of kit. Personal preference thing. Note, if you do buy the cheapies, try to get a set that measures to the 1/100th of a gram and has a max capacity not too much greater than your payload (i.e. the Niche dosing cup and Xgrams of ground coffee).....don't buy ones designed to weigh much large objects

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      FWIW, I’ve used many different espresso scales ranging from the $10 ebay cheapies, up to Acaia Lunar.

      In my experience, the $10 cheapies don’t like any vibration, otherwise they wander like crazy.

      I’d settle at the compromise of Brewtista Smart Scale 2 as a reliable yet relatively affordable option.

      Edit: Although, i guess using a niche where you don’t have a tared weight holding for a while (i.e. while you grind) then the cheapies might work better for you than me.

      Also, in terms of responsiveness for measuring the output. All scales have some delay, even the expensive ones, so you tend to just learn what that delay is for y your particular scales and then preemptively stop the shot accordingly. So that experience doesn’t change by spending more money!

      I’d still go there Brewtistas though...


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        brewista is a good scale without breaking the bank. Ive had mine for a while now with no issues at all


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          Originally posted by JohnA View Post
          brewista is a good scale without breaking the bank. Ive had mine for a while now with no issues at all
          I gotta ask then, I’m seeing the Acacia Lunar being used a lot on videos on YouTube. Is it just an aesthetic or premium choice?


          • JohnA
            JohnA commented
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            premium choice, its also much smaller which fits nicer on the drip tray. Does it do anything more then the brewista? I doubt it, but then i havent used it so cant say for sure. Ignorance sure is bliss

            If you are happy to spend that amount on the acacia, go fo it

          • emslibbles
            emslibbles commented
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            Didn’t see this earlier.

            The Acacia Lunar is s better set of scales than the Brewtistas (I own and use both in my daily workflow).

            On a bad day, the Brewtistas can give you a 0.1-0.2 variance/wander if it’s taking you a while to do your dosing or whatever. Don’t get that with the Lunar. Not like it’s common, but for example, a mid-winter morning, 12 Celsius in the room, ducted heating driving down on my coffee station and vibration from all the coffee equipment... any precision equipment would suffer... but the Lunar doesn’t.

            The design of the Lunar also makes me more confident against water ingress, but I’ve not drowned either.

            I tend to use the Lunar for dosing, where accuracy is super key, and use the Brewtistas under the machine with the ONA Stem to weigh output. (Talk about things getting expensive...)

            But, you know, all said and done, I still recommend the Brewtistas to most people, because the incremental increase in performance/convenience is smaller than the not very incremental cost increase..

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          ... and just ordered a Kanso bean storage set.

          This is getting expensive.


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            So instead of the Oracle I now have:
            - Profitec Pro 500
            - Niche Zero Grinder
            - Acaia Lunar Scale
            - Push Tamper
            - Kanso Bean Storage set
            - Couple of generic milk jugs

            What else do I need from here?


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              Prewarming the machine 20-30 mins prior so temp is good to go is a key step. As emlibbles suggested a Wi-Fi smart plug is one way. Turn the machine on from bed when you wake up or to preprogrammed turn on for a set time. I did this for about 10 months but after moving my equipment last year to install an overhead cupboard haven’t plugged the switch back in. I can easily find things to do for 30 mins before making a morning coffee.


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                Just looking back on the early days and my initial coffee ideas.

                I’ve got a Linea Mini now, things have really escalated in 6 months!


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                  JT1 So how was the step up from profitec 500 to the mini? What was the main difference if you don’t mind sharing