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Rocket Appartamento - Pump pulsing on and off

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  • Rocket Appartamento - Pump pulsing on and off

    I purchased a Rocket Appartamento in July 2016 and after about 3 years started experiencing an issue with the pump continuously pulsing on and off when I first turned the machine on. I took the machine to the place of purchase and explained the problem which resulted in them cleaning the boiler probe and replacing the anti vac value. As we are on tank water and the water is filtered through a two stage filtration process, scale is not normally an issue but the machine worked OK so I thought that the technician had repaired the problem. This was not the case.

    Some months later the machine started doing it again and it became progressively worse over time. Sometimes it would pulse several times and stop, other times it would pulse continuously until I switched the machine off manually. This time I decided to do the repair work myself. Interestingly I could not find any information on this issue. So I did a descale, cleaned the boiler probe and anti vac value and the machine worked OK for another few weeks and then started doing it again. Pump pulsing on/off when I turned it on.

    As the problem was intermittent I decided that it must be the control box so I pulled it out and checked the connections and found a cocky living inside it! They are not well sealed at all. Pulled it apart and cleaned it out. Put it back together and everything worked fine. Made some coffee and all was well.

    Started the machine the next morning and the pump starts pulsing on/off like before. Unbelievable! So I decided to purchase a new control box. Coffee Parts had them in stock (cost of $266 including express delivery) and it arrived the next day. Replaced the control box and now the Rocket Appartamento is like a different machine. The coffee even tastes better!

    So this post is for anyone who may also be experiencing this issue. I know its not the news they want to hear but it will save you money in the long run as I spent nearly $200 to have the machined 'repaired' by the place I purchased from, so that $200 could have been spent to purchase a new control box. Replacing the control is not difficult, the time is in removing/replacing the housing.

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    I would be disappointed that the control box only lasted 3 years. I also would be pretty annoyed as your are, of the original repair that was done.


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      Hopefully they had landlord insurance because it sounds like damage from the tenant

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    Ok- so let me get this straight.

    The repairer should have picked what may well have been an intermittent cockroach and any machine with a control board with an intermittent cockroach installed should be expected to be fault free and covered by manufacturer warranty for at least 2 years after said warranty expired.

    Sounds totally reasonable to me.