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  • Gaggia MDF

    Hi, Im a newbie here so be gentle. I have just ditched my Sunbeam EM0450 for a Gaggia MDF, the question I have is how do you pull the thing apart to clean it. The "leaflets" that were in the box tell you nothing. With the Sunbeam I could remove the hopper and top burr to gain access to clean the burrs and the the flute

    Please, Help !

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    Re: Gaggia MDF

    Sorry, I should have said EM0480 (the older version). To get a decent extraction I had to set it to position 1. If i decide to try a different been then even P1 wasnt fine enough at times. Id say that the unit was probably faulty from the start but after a few hours of using the MDF the difference is amazing even the shots taste better.


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      Re: Gaggia MDF

      Gday Boldor,

      Welcome [smiley=thumbsup.gif]. There is a bit of an explanation here that might help you out a bit and if not, perhaps you could quiz the guys and gals at the newsgroup to see if they can help out. All the best,

      Yes, its pretty amazing what a good quality grinder can do for the quality of your shots. The same seems to apply as you move up the grinder quality ladder too. Quite a few people have reported that a noticeable improvement is detected when going from a Rancilio Rocky up to a Mazzer Mini/Macap M5 for example. I guess its like all things though, you eventually come up against the law of diminishing returns so at some point youve got to call a halt to the sometimes, non-ending race of upgradeitis ;D.


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        Re: Gaggia MDF

        Thanks Mal,

        That is a great starting point. While poking around (figurativly that is) I did notice the rubber doodads that they mention and thought these might be covers for screws. I have sent an email to the Aussie dist. to see if they have a cleaning and maintenance guide, so maybe something might come of that as well. Unfortunately at present I dont have access to newsgroups but a friend has so Ill get him to send out some feelers.


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          Re: Gaggia MDF

          This question prompted me to do a bit more work on finding information on
          the subject. Our ancient MDF came back good as new after a service by
          Rios (here in Adelaide) a few weeks ago, but its reaching the point where Id
          like to get in there and have a look around myself ...

          Mals link is good.

          Ill add a few more.


          Its called "How to Modify A Gaggia MDF To Be Stepless", which I dont want
          to do (at least for now   ), but it lists steps for removing the hopper.


          Just found this one. It has been very useful for me, because it explains
          why Ive never been able to find the rubber doodads -- ours is an older
          version that doesnt have them. Now Im confident that I can get the
          hopper off (non-destructively).


          "The Gaggia MDF Doser repair guide" : clear instructions.

          4.   similar to above

          5.   ditto

          Lets know how it goes ...


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            Re: Gaggia MDF

            Thanks for those links Hazbean,
            Good to kbnow Rios cleans and services grinders too.


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              Re: Gaggia MDF


              thanks muchly.
              Each link had atad of information the others didnt and altogether give a pretty good rundown of pulling the MDF apart. Exactly what I was after, being a new machine I wont need to do it for a while but handy to know how when the time comes.

              :-/ Now I just need to decide wether I can warrent buying a new Espresso Machine. My Sunbeam EM6900 doesnt seem to have any of the problems Ive read about here except for the problem with the group seal. I do like being able to steam while extracting.


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                Re: Gaggia MDF

                "Good to know Rios cleans and services grinders too."

                I think theyll service anything Weve had service and parts from
                them over the years for all sorts of near-terminal coffee making

                "Each link had atad of information the others didnt .."

                Yes I did prune out the redundant ones. This actually completed
                what I had started a few weeks ago, good to see that its been

                I might just add that Ive slightly modified ours. I got annoyed
                with the filter holder, it sits too close to the doser outlet making
                it difficult to get a decent amount of coffee in the basket.

                So I removed it altogether (its easy to put back) and put the grinder
                on a platform to raise it a few cm. This makes it easy to "grind
                through the doser", a technique thats been mentioned on this
                forum a few times -- just run the grinder and flick the grinds
                out continously, pausing if necessary for a few bench taps to
                settle the basket. This helps get a nice distribution before

                I use just enough beans for one shot, and clean out the hopper at
                the end of each grind, with a small plastic stirring spoon. (Works
                best if wait for the burrs to stop spinning ) I can then dose by
                weight. With a couple of months of practice, I can now get a
                reasonably predictable shot.

                I asked about new burrs when we had it serviced. Didnt need them.
                Weve had the grinder 10 years, and it was a few years old when
                we found it. So I think they last a long time.

                Have fun ...


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                  Re: Gaggia MDF

                  I asked about new burrs when we had it serviced. Didnt need them. Weve had the grinder 10 years, and it was a few years old when we found it. So I think they last a long time.
                  The burrs on this machine I think are pretty good. Ive had my MDF nearly 15 years and they are still the original. However, reading this thread has got me thinking that I should take the grinder apart for a bit of a clean...  :


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                    Re: Gaggia MDF

                    Yes, periodic cleaning is always a good idea

                    I did track down new burrs on a US website some time ago.
                    $US60-ish IIRC. So can be done DIY, but Id think Id prefer to
                    get it done by the local professionals.


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                      Re: Gaggia MDF

                      Originally posted by hazbean link=1164623711/0#9 date=1164940116
                      I did track down new burrs on a US website some time ago. $US60-ish IIRC.

                      You can get new burr-sets for the MDF from our site sponsor CoffeeParts if you need them. Just head to this page and scroll down to the Gaggia Baby Burr-set. These are the burrs used in the MDF too since it made no sense to create yet another design when the Babys were perfect for the job



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                        Re: Gaggia MDF

                        Thanks. Dont need them just yet though.

                        I looked up the ones I had found previously -- I didnt recall
                        correctly, they were only $US29 -- so CoffeeParts is about the same

                        I thought the MM and MDF were Gaggias grinders, and the Baby
                        a coffee machine, similar to the Classic. Where does the Baby
                        grinder fit in?


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                          Re: Gaggia MDF

                          I looked up the ones I had found previously -- I didnt recall correctly, they were only $US29
                          Gday HB,

                          Yep, thats sounds more like it.... USD$60 did sound like a lot given that there isnt much difference between the MDF and Rocky burr sets and the Rocky ones only cost AUD$46 from CoffeeParts.

                          I think the Baby grinder was the precursor to the MDF and its also possible that they both use the same motor too but it would be hard to imagine ever needing to replace that. Although, checking the motor bearings every two or three years wouldnt be a bad thing to do. Given that some of these machines have already run for 15+ years, the bearings are probably over specified for the work theyre exposed to so its probably not something that must be carried out religiously.



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                            Re: Gaggia MDF

                            My Gaggia MDFs doser cam has broken.

                            Does anyone know where I can try to get another one?

                            I have the part number.


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                              Re: Gaggia MDF

                              Never mind.
                              All will soon be well.

                              I located the importer and the nice man in the service department offered to send me one.
                              Luckily for me they were only 10 minutes drive from work so I ducked over at lunchtime.

                              Now to install the cam so I can grind coffee tomorrow at work (the Sunbeam is now in need of repair, long story, my fault).