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Krups GVX2 coffee grinder modification

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  • Krups GVX2 coffee grinder modification

    Hi all

    I posted a question yesterday regarding my inadequate baristaing skills and found with a lot of help from others that the grinder I am using is a piece of Kru(a)p.
    The problem is that on its minimum setting it doesnt grind fine enough for espresso. However, it is what I have at the moment and rather than forking out immediately for another grinder I thought I would see if I could make the Krups work a bit better.
    So, I finally pulled it apart (this is a major feat in itself as there are no screws or indication of how to go about it (let me know if you need a diatribe around this subject)) and found that the adjuster shaft has a stopper on it that can be moved to rotate the grinding jaws to a more fine position. All you have to do is loosen the four screws that hold the shaft down and rotate it roughly 90 degrees and then tighten the screws again.
    I have now managed to get a much finer grind. I will try experimenting to see how it the espresso quality goes over the weekend, but, for those who want to make espresso and have one of these grinders you may be able to extract a bit more performance out of it.

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    Re: Krups GVX2 coffee grinder modification


    Good effort (there is a similar mod for the Solis 166 AKA the Delonghi KG100 and various other models....)

    These (unlike yours) have real sharp burr sets (sharp enough to cut your finger). The grinding process- especially for espresso- is to shave off small fragments of the bean rather than to crush it.

    The mod to the Solis isnt very effective because the play in the bearings make small grind size too erratic.....

    To test the grinds, take a pinch in the palm of your hand and rub them around with your finger.... you should have even size "grains of salt" like bits of coffee - no fine powder, just uniform pieces.

    When this is done with the Solis grounds (and I suspect yours will be as bad - if not worse) you get lots of fine powder and bits of varying size. This packs down into the PF and generally blocks it totally... forcing you to increase the grind size. You then have big chunks and small, correct size bits!!

    Result - coffee with poor or no crema and a bitter taste from the over extraction of the smaller bits of coffee bean.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Krups GVX2 coffee grinder modification

      Thanks for the tip JavaB, the test you suggest is something I have always needed to know but did not realise it. I will try a few different grinds and post the results.


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        Re: Krups GVX2 coffee grinder modification

        Well progess at last
        JavaB was absolutely correct about the erratic grind from the modified Kraps grinder, so I now have bought a Sunbeam EMO480. The grind is now much more uniform in texture (although it takes lots longer to grind the required amount)

        However, I have an interesting situation. When I got the new grinder the manual suggests using a setting from 12 to 16 for espresso. So I thought 14 might be a good starting point to go up or down from. Not a drop of water got through the basket. I successively worked my way towards coarse. I now have it set to 4 clicks to the right of maximum coarse!!! This is totally the opposite of the Kraps where I needed to mod it to grind more finely. I now am making tasty shots of espresso with a nicely coloured crema covering the whole shot. (nice to see after my recent attempts) but I am worried that the grinder needs to be adjusted so far from the suggested settings.
        Does anyone have any thoughts on this or is anyone finding the same thing with a Sunbeam EMO480 grinder they may have?

        BTW. the EMO450 is identical to the 480 except it doesnt have a switch on the side to put the grinder into constant grind mode and look a bit more plastic(ish), but it is $30 cheaper


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          Re: Krups GVX2 coffee grinder modification


          Yep, much better grinder thats for sure.

          The "settings" on grinders is purely arbitrary.... the scales dont mean that much even with expensive grinders...

          One thing with the Sunbeam grinders - most users have found over time you will have to reduce the setting... so its a good thing it is too high to start with!! (much better than starting at the finest setting and having to go down from there )


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            Re: Krups GVX2 coffee grinder modification

            I know this is way late, but yes, please diatribe on how you pulled the grinder apart. I am one who cant not try to fix things, and although we have a new one, I want to try to fix the broken button on this one. Thanks. =]