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HELP! Bodum Antigua mod

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  • HELP! Bodum Antigua mod

    Hi Everyone,

    Im new to this board, but have been reading through quite a few threads here. Youve got a great community here.

    Ive got a Bodum Antigua grinder, and have been frustrated by the finest of the grinder ever since Ive got an expresso machine. Ive read of the modification listed here
    Im quite happy to try it out, but I cant for the lfe of me figure out how to open up the grinder.

    Ive tried to pull on the top area where the grind catch fits into, but cant get any sort of gap to form, from which to wedge in a screwdriver, Ive exerted a reasonable amount of force and am afraid to use any more in case I break it.

    You dont have to undo the screws accessible from the bottom do you? If you do does anyone know what type and size they are?

    Has anyone else done this mod, or know what I should do? Oh the pictures of the antigua Ive seen on the net look like they might differ from mine, as mine is a silver finish, do all of them have a metal body too?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: HELP! Bodum Antigua mod

    I found out why I the instructions on that site dont work. My Bodum Antigua is a Stainless Steel body version, and the one they talk about on that page has a plastic body.

    Has anyone manage to modify the stainless steel one?


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      Splitting the case of a Bodum Antigua stainless steel grinder

      WARNING - Thread revival

      I have had to attempt a repair on my 10 year old Antigua grinder. It is the stainless steel model. It appears to be a chromed alu casting.


      Invert the grinder

      Undo the three screws located at the base. These are Torx-tamper proof size 10.

      Once you remove these, you lift off the black plastic base.
      Note: the base is connected by several electrical cables to the inner workings of the grinder.

      There are three Philips head screws holding the upper section to the lower half.

      Remove the timer knob. The knob on my unit was so tight I had to gently lever the mechanical timer off the shaft from inside of the casing.
      The timer has to be moved aside in order to access one of the three Philips screws.

      You now should have be able to separate the halves and access your burr set.

      BTW: My Antigua has always been able to grind fine enough to choke my Silvia. The two plastic "dogs" at the base of the bean hopper sheared off. No dogs = no ability to alter grinder settings