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Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

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  • Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

    I have a Sunbeam EM6910 and a Delongi KG100 grinder. Trying to get a decent shot out of the combination is proving very difficult. After surfing this forum I realise that I need a better grinder. So Im now in the market for a grinder that will get the job done and save me at least one or two stages of upgradeitis.

    This morning, I paid the local coffee warehouse a visit and was shown the Eureka(?) range of grinders. They suggested the Eureka Mignon MCI (~$450+GST) would be perfect for home use. The grinder is fairly compact (but will still shock the wife); has 50mm flat burs with stepless adjustment; doserless with adjustable timer; runs very quite (without beans in it); and looks very solid and well made.

    Problem is I have no idea if it is a good grinder. After much internet searching, I found the manufacturers website. I have attached a link to the manufacturers website so people can see the grinder Im talking about (I hope thats OK).

    So the question (plea for help) is the Mignon MCI any good or am I better off with the usual suspects eg Iberital Challenge, Rocky, etc?

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    Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

    I think that is around Rocky money isnt it?


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      Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

      Hi yorgous and welcome to CoffeeSnobs...

      Unfortunately never heard of that brand..... and I would imagine few here have (Im sure they will post if they know anything about it).

      On paper it looks pretty good - but that might be far from actual performance.

      The other issue I would be concerned about is spares etc - if not common (which is the case) it might be hard to get replacement burrs etc.

      You might be "breaking new ground" if you purchase that grinder - and it might turn out to be excellent.... But Id go for one which has a known good track record, and availability of spares.


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        Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

        Sure is in Rocky territory; hence, my reservations in slapping down the cash straight away . I was wondering if it was equvalent to a Rocky etc or is it a waste of cash?

        The gentlemen at the warehouse claims that they have only recently starting importing the Eureka range, in addition to the Mazzers they also stock, and that it is of very high quality (but what salesman wouldnt tell a prospective client exactly what the client wanted to hear?).

        In fact, when I asked them to plug the grinder in a give it some juice they had to cut the euro spec. twin pin plug off and replace it with an Australian spec. plug.


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          Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?


          Umm ... food for thought.  

          At least it sounds like the salesman is being square about it being a new import.  Eureka seems to have been around since 1920 (according to their shiny website) so I would have thought someone would know something (so to speak).  Interesting that it is still relatively unheard in Australia of after all these years.  Could be a bad sign or could be nothing ... I guess the risk is mine.  

          Think Ill hold off making a decision until I get some more feedback.

          Regarding spares Ill go back to the warehouse (only 500m from my house) and ask about warranty and spares, but that will have to wait until Tuesday.


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            Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

            I have done some more research on the Eureka Mignon MCI.

            From what I have gathered so far, Eureka grinders are produced by Conti Valerio who also produce/rebadge grinders for Nuova Simonelli, La Marzocco, Brazilia and Rossi (aint the internet great).

            The Nouva Simonelli MCF looks like identical to the Eureka Mignon MCF (same body height width, hopper, doser, except different badges). Plus, according to CVs website the Eureka Mignon MCF is the doser version of the MCI. Hence, Im assumming the grinder Im looking at is essentially a doserless Nuovo Simonelli MCF.

            According to reviews on CGeek the NS MCF is a good unit, i.e. comparable to a Rocky, but has anyone had any experience with the doserless version?

            If its better than a doserless Rocky then it would be a steal at essentially the same price.


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              Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

              Nice work on the research front.

              An observation is that the spout has a flat base section which would probably withhold some grinds [though all grinders do this to some extent] ....have you tried it yet?

              Given its European origin, is it 220VAC or 240VAC?
              This can shorten the life of some appliances in Australia
              [Probably not a real issue given the short bursts it would be used for]

              Some other food for thought:

              A Rocky [from a site sponsor of course!] is a known quantity with guaranteed service/backup.

              Plus, Rockys have a strong experience/support/following via this site.....good for useful tidbits of info

              Plus Rockys hold their value extremely well.

              These points alone make Rocky a steal too!

              Keep us informed though, us CSers need to know everything.


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                Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?


                Thanks for your insights.

                Its 220 VAC and I havent tried the grinder for real. As I mentioned they turned it on and it was so quite I had to stoop my head to hear it.

                Given the lack of information/reviews I have found on the grinder I figure I shouldnt buy it unless they let me trial it, but Im guessing they wont be too keen to do that. Even if I trial it I wont know if its better than a Rocky plus Im a totally new to the world of espresso so Im not sure Ill glean enough out of a short trial.

                In the back of my head I keep hearing Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! (Sylvester Stallone style). I know the Rocky would be the safe bet, but spending this much money I feel its my duty to research the options.

                Funny thing is 5 days ago I almost bought a sunbeam 0450, then contacted a site sponser for a price on an Iberital Challenge, then I was set on a Rocky and then this grinder presented itself.

                Arrrgh! I keep upgrading my grinder and I havent even bought one yet!


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                  Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

                  before youll know it youll be after a Compak K3 Elite or Mazzer Mini (unfortunately youd be hard pressed to find anyone with stock)


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                    Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

                    It looks identical to my Nuova Simonelli MCF.

                    Pluses: Great grind qaulity, infinite adjustment, commerical build quality, very quiet, compact.

                    Minuses: Relatively expensive, slowest grinder in the world (maybe not be itd be a contender)

                    To be honest, I dont see the MCI being satisfactory in use due to the speed issue. Youd be holding the PF under the spout for a while to grind enough for a double. This is one case where the doser is actually useful as I grind with the lid off the dosing chamber so I can see if I have ground enough before going to dose.

                    The Rocky is a heftier piece of equipment but the hopper/grind adjustment doesnt feel quite as well made as the MCF and the doser definitely feels less solid (not that you are considering that model).


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                      Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

                      a coffee supplier in Sydney sells the Eureka Mignon but shows the RRP of the MCF as $520!!



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                        Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?


                        Pretty sure they are rebadged Nuova Simonelli machines and thats not necessarily a bad thing, NS Grinders are very high quality but really intended as single purpose grinders because of the micro-metrical adjustment system employed. Great for espresso but if you want to try the occasional Plunger brew, Moka-Pot, etc then youll need to do a lot of knob turning to go from one to the other and back again.

                        As with all these things, horses for courses....



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                          Re: Eueka Mignon MCI - Is it any good?

                          Hi does any one know a shop in Australia that sells Eureka Mignon MCI?? Looking for a good small size grinder for Botticelli Machine. Cheers