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Emide grinder- opinions?

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  • Emide grinder- opinions?

    Hi, I am new and decided to jump in.  Only discovered this site about 2 weeks ago and already i have learnt a lot. ;D
    Initially, i was researching for the Eurolab unit...i was led here and away from that unit.
    i now realise that i would be better investing in a decent grinder (probably Sunbeam 430 or 450), use the plunger and stovetop and purchase the aeroPress.  then maybe, when i have learnt to appreciate my coffee more, look at maybe the breville ikon or something similar...
    anyway, that is a little about myself...thanks for such a wonderful site and providing invaluable information to people like myself who want to learn more about appreciating coffee and investing wisely in equipment. :-*
    anyway, glad i found this cs

    any comments will really be appreciated....will the grinders i have mentioned provide me with a good experience of making coffee.... :-*

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    Re: Hi a newbee,

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs cuppa.

    Minimum would be the 0450.

    Im glad we steered you away from the Eurolab.


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      Re: Hi a newbee,

      Hi cuppa and welcome from me too.

      Depending on where you live there may be a real bargain available for you here...


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        Re: Hi a newbee,

        Hi Dennis
        i did see this, but unfortunately for me i dont live nearby. i live in Brisbane and the gentleman is being very generous already, dont suppose he would consider my paying for the postage....anyway, thanks for thinking of me...
        maybe next time....


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          Re: Emide grinder- opinions?

          hi, just wondering if anyone has had experience with the Emide Electric Grinder

          i have read a couple of comments on cs which were favourable, just wondering what others think...

          also, i have looked around for the Sunbeam 480 and the best i can get is about $170, is this good
          i live in Brisbane, so if anyone knows somewhere i should try, please let me know.

          mod edit- please read site sales and posting policy


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            Re: Emide grinder- opinions?

            sorry, i didnt mean to cause a problem/

            really would like some assistance and response...everyone must still be away after Easter....


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              Re: Emide grinder- opinions?

              I have been using a Sunbeam 480 since December and have not had any problems with it.

              I have just purchased a Sunbeam Cafe Crema to fill in time until I can afford a better machine  8-) .  I find that it is choking on a setting of 12 on the grinder so I am still playing to get the grind right.  I should imagine that a better machine would need a finer grind but so far the 480 is doing the job.


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                Re: Emide grinder- opinions?

                Hi Cuppa,

                If you are proposing to use this grinder for drip filter, plunger or with an espresso machine with pressurised filter baskets, it will probably do the job. As for how long it might last...:

                Most here will view it as unsatisfactory.

                If on the other hand you are looking for a grinder to use with an espresso machine with real, non-pressurised baskets, Id be looking for a realistic entry level espresso grinder like an Ascaso i-mini or Iberital Challenge- or better if possible.

                With grinders, you gets exactly what you pays for



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                  Re: Emide grinder- opinions?

                  Have had the Emide for 3 or 4 years at a guess, it has done the job but isnt very good for espresso, the grind consistency isnt very good, lots of fines & dust. Seemed to be OK until I depressurised the PF on the Via Venezia. :

                  I also find I have to hold the grinder in my hands & tilt & shake the beans down, it doesnt get the job done if you just leave it flat on the bench.

                  Better picking up one of the other suggested entry level grinders IMO.



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                    Re: Emide grinder- opinions?

                    thanks for the help....i will rule out the Emide and just concentrate on the 480....
                    didnt have much luck today, they seem to be out of stock wherever i went (HN, Myer, Big W etc)
                    anyway, thanks again i;ll keep looking