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Sunbeam EMO480 Vs Isomac Inox

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  • Sunbeam EMO480 Vs Isomac Inox

    Hi Everybody,

    Just wondering if there is really any difference between an Isomac Inox (about $275) and the much celebrated "category killer", the Sunbeam EMO480.

    I am looking to upgrade from my Delonghi KG100, which despite what people say, is really quite ordinary. I was pretty keen and convinced to go out and grab a sunbeam, but in my local coffee boutique equipment store they sell the Isomac and the guy there tried to talk it up.
    After some reading Im a bit confused...
    Seems like the Isomac is basically the same as the Lux, and that both of them use the same burrs as the sunbeam.
    But does that really mean there is no difference? Has anyone used both extensively and know if theres any extra value or quality in the isomax? Consistency? Longevity? Anything?

    Or should I just go out and get the Sunbeam? Oh, and where can you get one for $155???


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    Re: Sunbeam EMO480 Vs Isomac Inox

    Yes, I do believe they have the same burrset, however the burr carriers are what is in question with the Sunbeam. Ive had mine (EM0480) for 2 years now without issues. If you were considering $275 for the Isomac, Id seriously consider some Stepless alternatives that same site sponsors sell... if not, then the Sunbeam is your only option.