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    I have a Gaggia MM grinder that I have used to grind my morning coffee nearly every single day for almost 15 years. Usually I just use a plunger, but I would like to be able to make espresso. I thought that my Gaggia was quite a good grinder and certainly can’t fault its longevity, but looking on this site it seems that it’s a pretty basic model. Anyway, my question is what would be a good reasonably priced espresso machine to pair with this grinder, or would I be better off getting a better grinder? I never have milk in coffee so milk frothing is not required.

    Incidentally, is it possible to do some DIY overhauling on the Gaggia MM? It still works fine, but the adjuster for the grind size is now a bit stiff (probably partially because I generally always have it on the same setting).

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    Re: Gaggia MM


    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs.

    The MM is not a bad grinder. Yes, it is more towards the basic level, but I believe they are capable of a decent espresso grind.

    Having said that, being that this grinder is 15 years old, you might need to get in there and clean it rather thoroughly by the sound of it. Have the burrs ever been taken out in the 15 years you have had it? Coffee oils and particles build up in grinders and can seriously hinder performance.

    Also, depending on how much coffee has been through it, the burrs may no longer be up to the job.

    I cannot remember how easy/difficult it is to get this model apart, but if you can, Im sure it would be worthwhile to at least see what you are up against with keeping a grinder clean.

    Good luck.


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      Re: Gaggia MM

      Originally posted by fatboy link=1211118928/0#1 date=1211152885
      Also, depending on how much coffee has been through it,
      I can tell you with about a 10% error margin I reckon.

      The days I havent used it in the morning (rare) are probably about as many as the days I have used it more than once. 20g of beans gives me my standard two mugs, so I make that about 110kg...

      Maybe its about time I looked inside... (looks for a "scared" smiley....)


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        Re: Gaggia MM

        Sometimes it will cost less to buy another grinder than to buy replacement parts

        It might be time to upgrade like me
        I have just placed an order for the Macap M4D with Talk Coffee

        They say that apart from fresh beans
        A grinder is more important than the coffee machine
        The better the grind the better the coffee