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Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

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  • Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

    Hi all,

    First post!

    After a couple of years of suffering the local coffee emporiums grinder giving me inconsistent grinds, my desire to get a decent grind coincided nicely with a tax return sizeable enough to buy either of the above-mentioned grinders.

    So, which should I buy, and why? I am looking at this as a long-term investment and whatever I buy will be the grinder Im buried with, so no suggestions of buying cheap and building up, please..

    My espresso machine is an admittedly fairly rubbish Nemox Cafe Junior, which I plan to replace in a few months once I have gotten to grips with grinding. I dont mind having a grinder thats far better than my espresso machine for the time being - as I said, this is an investment for the future.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

    Id go the Robur. Not sure why... but I think it counts as a suggestion anyway doesnt it? :P


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      Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

      Originally posted by Sammus link=1218366695/0#1 date=1218367451
      Id go the Robur. Not sure why... but I think it counts as a suggestion anyway doesnt it? :P
      Sure does! Im a bit frightened by the size of it, and if my girlfriend finds out how much it cost... well, Ill remind her how much we spent on our bed.

      It does seem like the build quality is higher, and thats probably going to be the deciding factor, assuming that the grind quality of both units is essentially identical (or so close as to make no difference).


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        Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

        I will go a little each way

        Both grinders are fantastic

        My Category Rating - Robur (heavy industrial)
        The Robur will I believe last a lifetime of many espresso machines
        Unsurpassed grind quality but is very large and heavy (will it fit )

        My Category Rating - Compak K10(light industrial)
        The K10 has grind quality as good or equal to the Robur but is a little easier on the eye
        and will also outlast many espresso machines

        So in reality both are fantastic grinders and the only missing ingredient is your own user preference

        Personally I would be happy with either of these grinders



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          Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

          If you look over in the review section, the review on the k10 mentions it catches a lot of ground coffee in the throat, which could be a problem for a domestic situation (admittedly this review is quite old and this issue could be solved by now) . Either way I suggest a call to Chris for Talk Coffee or Di Bartoli is in order (both are a great resource for any coffee related purchase).


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            Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

            Mmmm... I dont feel comfortable calling and asking advice from a vendor unless Im definitely going to be giving them money. I hate the idea of leeching advice from them without giving them something in return.

            I was planning on chasing Chris up when the time comes to buy a new espresso machine though, so maybe its acceptable.


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              Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

              I had to decide between them both for my cafe and in the end I decided to go with the K10. A big part because its a whole lot cheaper whilst being able to do as good a job as the Robur.


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                Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

                The grind quality between both is about the same. IMHO a cafe doing more than 40kgs p/wk just through the one grinder will start to notice temp issues with the k10, but no so much with the robur, but for home use, both the same. The build quility of the robur is better than the k10, though still not perfect (for that, youll need to get an elektra nino). The chute on the k10 does collect more grams of coffee (+/-3.8g) but this is easily cleaned and even used if you find a thin plastic object to use to scoop the grind forward.

                My pick, for home use is the k10, for the cafe, still k10 or for serious volume, elektra nino (that was the question wasnt it?)


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                  Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

                  Welcome "Squozen"

                  I have the K10 WBC and have no experience with the Robur.
                  Yes you do get grinds in the throat, so each time I make a coffee I put through about 8 gms of beans to push through the stale grinds first, and clean out. ( I am really fussy)
                  Then I put in the measured bean amount for a double shot.
                  Apart from this waste (I understand some wont be prepared to waste this amount) I love this grinder.
                  I previously owned a Macap M4 (great grinder too) but I find I have no clumping issues now and dont bother with the grind stiring technique.



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                    Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

                    If you pre weigh the beans and dump only enough for one shot into the hopper, The burrs will shift towards the end of the grind and the last 1/3 of grinds coming out will be coarser than the rest.


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                      Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

                      I sold my K10 to move back down to something smaller (new house)....BIG MISTAKE!

                      Within a week I realised the error of my ways and I have another now.

                      In a home, I dont think youd see a great deal of difference (if any) between a K10 and a Robur. Where the differences will be evident is in extreme high volume situations.

                      I think the finish of the K10 is brilliant and I added a K3 hopper to mine so I have grunt in a package only 100mm taller than a Mazzer mini....

                      Would I do it agai- befinitely!

                      Nevertheless, if you want and can justify a Robur, go for it....The view is terrific at the top



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                        Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

                        We all can justify anything if we wanted to


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                          Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

                          Unfortunately my girlfriend shot me down in flames on the Robur, so it looks like Ill be having to make do with a Super Jolly for the time being.

                          What a fine example of a first world problem, having to suffer with only a Super Jolly.


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                            Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

                            Haha, yeah, even though the SJ is no conical burr, it sure aint no slouch - especially for the home.


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                              Re: Help me decide - K10 WBC or Robur?

                              Hi Squozen,
                              Several months ago I had the same dilemma...K10 WBC or Robur.

                              I seriously thought about buying Chris K10.

                              Some of the factors that led me to purchase a Robur were:-
                              *reading about stale grounds caught in the delivery chute.

                              To me, if someone is going to shell out a fair dollop of cash in the pursuit of caffeine nirvana, the last thing that that someone would want would be to taste yesterdays caffeine nirvana.

                              *the K10 is from all readings that I made quite a fabulous machine but at the end of the day it is , simply not a Robur.

                              I didnt want to have doubts down the track and the thought that I should have invested the extra $$ to get the Robur.

                              *the Robur LOOKS the goods.

                              I have heard people describe their mobile phone as dead-sexy....they should see a Robur! (On this matter I really agree with Gavin1 when he said "We all can justify anything if we wanted to" ).

                              To me the Roburs cosmetic appearance is of a purely functional nature yet crafted beautifully to look streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. I really admire this.

                              For the first week or so of ownership (sad confession) I occasionally got out of bed and wandered to the kitchen and turned on the light to admire it....kinda like the guy on telly sitting on his outdoor dunnie, admiring his new roof!

                              *the Robur has a proven track record and has been a visible presence in cafes around the world for countless millions of coffees.

                              It is the one that all others are compared against.

                              *the cost of the Robur was not that much extra.

                              It is all talk about the cost of your bed....good point. Like you, I wanted a grinder that I would never feel the need to upgrade.

                              As it is I have set mine up so that I grind just what I need for the espresso that I am about to make.
                              I brush out the chute so that none remains there to get stale. This takes about 10 seconds each time.

                              Daily I vacuum the under the hopper (original removed and stored in a box), in the dosing chamber and in the bottom of the doser. I use a modified $15 dustbuster-type vacuum. This takes less than a minute.

                              Every fortnight I remove the top burr and clean its under section with a brush and the vacuum. I clean the threads that locate the top burr and lightly grease them again with foodgrade grease. A piece of cake. This takes around 5 minutes.

                              The bottom line is that the shots that I am pouring now are truly superb. I only need to make minute alterations to the grind setting every few days on average to get the excellent results that I crave. ( Before I had an ECM Best, which is a quality grinder similar to a Mazzer slouch but simply in a different class.)

                              My partner laughed out loud when I first placed the Robur on the counter in place of the Best. She called her son in to have a look! We all laughed!
                              It truly is a beast of a grinder!

                              I can honestly say that I have not regretted buying my Robur for one instant and actually class it as one of the best things that I have ever bought.

                              It is a personal choice. Im sure that the K10 would be just great too.

                              Good luck with the decision-making!