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fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

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  • fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

    I have a sunbeam 480 grinder, only a few days old. I find that the pour is too quick from my ikon, a 25second pour will produce around 120 ml of brew (with the pressurised baskets).

    My tamp is physically too small, by around 4mm, and suspect that may be part of the problem (but is being replaced as soon as I get non pressurised baskets). I am compensating by spending a lot of time tamping, with a lot of pressure and multiple times to simulate a better fit.

    I think the grind is too coarse, even on the finest setting of the sunbeam em0480, but because I am new to grinding, I cant be sure, i have nothing to compare with.

    If I pinch some of the coffee between my fingers, it feels somewhere between fine sand and sugar. What should it feel like? I dont have any preground to compare with and havent really taken notice in the past.

    I phoned sunbeam and they are sending me some spacers, I assume to raise the bottom bur?

    Where to from here? do you think there is something else playing a part and causing a fast flow? I have no experience with pressurised baskets, but would have assumed that would cause a slower flow if anything? Is the extra tamping causing a non obvious problem and contributing to the fast flow?


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    Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

    pressurised filters IIRC dont require a heavy tamp.

    Are your beans freshly roasted (if from the supermarket, they wont be).

    Spacers for the grinder can be one solution.
    Non pressurised filters another solution
    Fresh Beans another solution
    Proper dose another solution
    Proper tamp another solution

    As you can see, its not necessarily one thing that is wrong, could be a number of things, best thing is to eliminate each cause individually

    First off, fresh beans, then non pressurised filter. once you have those two things then you can work on the rest, but until you have those two, its never going to good results.



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      Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

      Between sand and sugar on the finest setting makes me think you are a victim of the needing spacers department.

      Yes, they raise the bottom burr.

      Hope they arrive soon.

      Let us know how you go.



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        Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

        This is a known problem with the Sunbeams now.
        Thats why Sunbeam are sending you the "spacers" (washers).
        They are easy to fit and, yes, will raise the lower burr.
        That should be all you need to correct the problem.

        To answer your last question: extra tamping can cause channelling.


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          Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

          beans are fresh. I even tried a batch of too fresh beans from my popper.

          I wish I had my non ptessurised baskets today, but they are around 8 weeks away says the supplier. Then I could also get a new ramp which may also be contributing.

          Spacers should arrive today of most likely Tuesday, so that will ellimimate one thing at least.


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            Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

            I just bought one of these grinders 2 days ago and with fresh (home roasted beans I have my grinder set on number 7. Much finer than that and the flow will stop. Im using a non-presurised double basket. Im very happy with my grinder.

            It does sound like the grind is too course.

            If it was me I would take it back for an exchange from where you purchased it. If its a decent store that sells other grinders (eg Myers) you could test it in store to compare the grind to a know good machine.

            I would not accept that you have to add spacers to a new machine! And it ahs a 12 month full replacement guarantee.



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              Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

              The trouble is Simon that most of the new batches seem to need the spacers.
              A new grinder will most probably have the same problem and Myer arent likely to let you keep running coffee through grinders until you find one you like.

              Its a cheap grinder; you gets what you pays for.
              Id rather spend 20 cents on 2 washers to get it working now than argue how well it should work.
              When working as meant to, theyre an OK grinder.

              The problem is they are built to a price not to a quality.


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                Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

                I am happy to add a spacer. I recived a spout from breville, but no spacer, so suspect its in the mail for next week! An entire weekend without a grinder, awe!

                I have taken the top and bottom bur out, to check where the spacer *might* go. Can anyone confirm it should go onto the spindle, just below the bottom bur, to raise the bur slightly? also, what size washer/spacer goes in there? I was hoping one would already be there to compare with the bins at my hardware store. I dont feel like waiting till tuesday.

                can it be raised too far?

                any tips?


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                  Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

                  Hi axisa,

                  The attached PDF should help you out.

                  All the best.



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                    Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

                    Originally posted by 544D5C4654350 link=1241737018/7#7 date=1241749168
                    I dont feel like waiting till tuesday.

                    can it be raised too far?

                    Yes and NO..

                    After any adjustment, always start off at the MAX (course ) grind setting and slowly adjust with beans..


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                      Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

                      ACog - thanks for the instructions - looks easy peasy.

                      So, do you know the thickness of the washer/spacer? for lack of any accurate measuring tools, are we taking paper thin, or creditcard thin, or 5c piece thin?

                      There are no washers/spacers on my grinder from factory.


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                        Re: fast pour from Sunbeam 480 grinder

                        Im not at home, but Id say theyre about 1mm or less thick. rather than accidently buying too thick, buy a bunch of really thin ones and keep popping more in until you get a grind setting youre happy with.