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isomac gm for gaggia classic??

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  • isomac gm for gaggia classic??

    Hi Everyone,

    First time poster, although Ive been reading the forums for some time now.

    I just noticed the great price on the isomac granmacinino at di bartoli at the moment and will probably buy one when i head to Sydney next weekend.  I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this grinder paired up with a gaggia classic?  Will i need to mod or will it grind fine enough with the factory settings?

    Any other gripes worth noting? Others have mentioned clogging but I can live with that minor annoyance for the price.


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    Re: isomac gm for gaggia classic??

    Hi shizzle and welcome to CS!

    The grinder youre considering was one of the first ones I bought (Ive had a few) and you need to know at the outset that what I refer to below is from experience with a previous model.

    It could grind fine enough without a problem
    It is shiny

    It held a lot in the chute due to it being angled; I understand the newer model chute is rounded which has to help.
    Grounds used to fall back into the unit
    It used to trip our circuit breakers
    The stepped adjustment was pretty ordinary
    I stripped the nylon (?) gear when I tried grinding about 100gm of coffee all at once.

    Its been repaired and had new burrs put in.  The repairer couldnt find the electrical prob, which was not an isolated problem of the unit I had.  I still have it and if youre desperate, you can have it for nothing.

    Bottom line - you can do a lot better!

    If I can be of assistance, feel free to send me a pm.


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      Re: isomac gm for gaggia classic??

      Thanks very much for the response cuppa :-)

      I must admit I may have been blinded by the shiny factor of the unit.  I am currently using a modded Cuisinart burr grinder but I get the feeling it is going to give it up soon, and it is far from a consistent grind.

      Thanks very much for the offer for your grinder, surprisingly generous of you considering how fresh I am to these forums, but I can probably survive with the Cuisinart until I save up a few extra $$$s for something a little better, where on the grinder rung to stop though???  

      Considering the grinder / classic lives at work with me, and services about 10 cups a day 5 days a week (Not just me drinking of course ;D) itll be worth buying something that can take some abuse.  

      I guess the next logical step up would be the Rocky, or up again to the Mazzer Mini. I guess its back to the review forums for me :-)


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        Re: isomac gm for gaggia classic??

        My pleasure shizzle - have sent you a pm.


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          Re: isomac gm for gaggia classic??

          At that price range, consider the iberital challenge, the Lux and the Lelit . The trespade burrset is a great burr set, but it is not the burrset on the isomacs.

          Whether the isomacs are therefore inferior I dont know, but the burrs with the great rep are the trespades in that market area.

          oh and the sunbeam also uses the trespade