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Lelit PL53 Espresso Grinder - Initial Impressions

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  • Lelit PL53 Espresso Grinder - Initial Impressions

    Im not a grind guru, a  brew-fuhrer, or a member of the punctuation police; but I have consumed a lot of coffee here and abroad.

    So, at the risk of attracting more infantile comments regarding my motives for examining  this grinder, I thought Id record some early impressions after picking one up today.

    1. Packaging - excellent; encased in durable foam; undamaged
    2. Machine - solid; beautifully built and finished heavy grade ssteel; quality ssteel screws; grind tray fits perfectly; hopper fits into rubber sheathed neck; spout easily removed for cleaning; great initial impression ; can see grind set through neck - nicely machined
    3. Function - noise - when empty quite loud; with beans no problem ; grind - FANTASTIC - from factory, fine as flour; approx 20 turns of worm screw knob- fine salt texture ; even ; no clumping ; no static ; no grinds over the bench; the porta filter supports are a minor nuisance;
    4. The drink in the cup  - 2 sink shots (too fine) then - crema you can stand on, unbelievable, sweet, complex coffee
    5. Value for money - for an espresso only grinder ( because it would take too bloody long to dial up coarser and then back to fine) , impressive.

    Summary - a little noisy ; lighter than youd expect , therefore will move when porta filter presses against it ( Ive fixed this by putting it on a rubber mat) ; fantastic fine ,even, clump free , static free , espresso grind; great result in the cup - limited only by the lack of skill of the operator!  Im very happy with the coffee.

    Im really not interested in engaging in any schoolgirl banter over this grinder. So the topic ends here as far as Im concerned.

    The links below are from my own research into the machine and are provided as an amateurs contribution  for those who are curious.

    I believe the result  on the palate is more important than the expense, reputation and size of the tool

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    Re: Lelit PL53 Espresso Grinder - Initial Impressions

    Hi Louis,

    Can I suggest that the best place for this type of post is

    No use reinventing the wheel

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