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  • Sunbeam EM0480

    I have just purchased this grinder and added 2x spacers to fine up the grind. It still does a half arsed job.
    I am used to a Mazzer and i realise you get what you pay for, but after having read all the positives on this site i thought the EM480 would surfice for my home use, with my Silvia (rancillio)
    Very disapointed, this is a crap machine, people please look at your reviews. Because you have shelled out on a grinder be honest this thing isnt up to it. Lets recomend people spend that little extra and go for tried and trusted machines.
    The second hand market on quality brands is very worth a look at as a good company will sell all parts and they will be easilly sourced.

    My review for the EM0480 = 2/10

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    Re: Sunbeam EM0480

    Scathing! yikes.

    FWIW, I own a Mazzer Mini and a sunbeamer EM0480. For a beginner in to espresso world, or for syphon/pourover/cupping duties, I think the 0480 is fine.

    My biggest dislikes with it were too much play in the collar, leading to inconsistent grind sizes between sessions and the amount of grounds held in the throat. I routinely took it apart and found ~10 grams in there. With my MM, if I dose properly, I have less than 1 gram wastage.


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      Re: Sunbeam EM0480

      Im with ACog on this one.

      There are some things I would like to fine tune with the EM0480, but considering what you pay for it - it does the job quite nicely. I have recently upgraded to a Mazzer Mini Manual and I was quite surprised with the quality of the Sunbeam. No doubt the Mazzer is a world ahead, but I would highly recommend the Sunbeam as a fantastic entry level grinder.

      Sorry to hear about your misfortune Baker



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        Re: Sunbeam EM0480

        If u are that unhappy with it Baker call sunbeam and talk with them about it. Im may not necessarily be the grinder? or may need more spacers?

        What is it u dont exactly like??
        Going from a Mazzer to the sunbeam is quite a jump backwards but having used my father in laws I didnt find it that bad. :-?


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          Re: Sunbeam EM0480

          Baker why did u go from the Mazzer to the sunbeam in the first place??


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            Re: Sunbeam EM0480

            Originally posted by 56757F7166140 link=1246319806/0#0 date=1246319806
            Very disapointed, this is a crap machine, people please look at your reviews.
            I found it to be a capable grinder once I set it up properly. Its not a Rocky or a K3, but it does a decent grind.

            Sounds like you may have got a dud or else you havent assembled it properly after adding the spacers


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              Re: Sunbeam EM0480

              Mazzer to a Sunbeam is a very large step backwards, its not a surprise that you find it pretty ordinary.

              I myself have only gone from a Breville (cant remember the model) to the 480, so for me, its perfectly adequate for its use.

              Could I get better shots with a better grinder, probably, but without the funds to fund the upgrade, Id rather not find out.



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                Re: Sunbeam EM0480

                Originally posted by 02343F30253E23510 link=1246319806/6#6 date=1246425481
                Could I get better shots with a better grinder,
                This is a valid question.

                I had the chance to use the Rocky, the EM0480 and the Compak K3 with the EM6910, and I must say the difference in taste of my cappuccinos was not proportional to the price difference 8-)

                The biggest advantage of the K3 over the EM0480 is the stepless adjustment and less mess

                Of course espresso drinkers may find a bigger improvement in taste


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                  Re: Sunbeam EM0480

                  when i first got the Silvia i had a EM0480, and it really didnt cut it, so i sold it to a fellow CS member and rushed out and picked up the rocky, Rancilio really know how to build stuff to last, i noticed a huge difference in my shots, massive. i found out really early fortunately that you do get what you pay for!
                  best of luck!