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Rebadged Macap Grinder?

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  • Rebadged Macap Grinder?

    Hi guys,

    Im trying to find out more information on a grinder that i acquired from a friend.  on the botton it says its a BFC model: MXA.  i havnt been able to find much about it, but would like to replace a few parts on it smaller hopper, burrs etc...

    The wierd thing is, it looks EXACTLY the same as the Macap m5 grinder.  I looked at a few sites with macap spare parts and the macap hopper lid is the exact same one that i got with the BFC.

    Do Macap rebadge their grinders? or is it the other way around and BFC rebadge theirs to Macap.

    this is the BFC

    Macap M5

    Ok, well not exactly the same apart from maybe the plate thing under the doser.

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    Re: Rebadged Macap Grinder?


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      Re: Rebadged Macap Grinder?

      The top photo is of an older MXA.

      The bottom photo is of an M9 (not an M5) - again an older model nolonger in the line up.

      They are Macap grinders, produced by Macap.

      Macap sells to others who then resell.

      Everything BFC sells has their own identifier on. They buy grinders from Macap as a service to their customers and pass them on with only a handling fee added to the cost. That is at "importer" level.

      So simply....your grinder is a Macap MXA that came through BFC.

      Hope this helps.

      I doubt you will be able to get a smaller hopper for an MXA, it is a cafe grinder and comes with the large hopper. A hopper from the smaller M4/5 probably wont fit because the size of the throat at bottom of the hopper will be smaller.....unless you can make up a thick sleeve and place it over an M4/5 hopper to make ot fit snug in the inlet of the MXA.

      Its only a personal opinion but lots of people seem to tbink they need to change the plates (burrs) on a grinder straight up......why? Use the grinder and see if you think the plates need to be changed. They should be good for say around 400 kilos  depending on the type of coffee used by whoever had the grinder previously.

      If it was in a cafe then yeah, go for a set of plates because very few ever change them when they should, and a cafe using say 7.5 kilos a week has done 400 kilos in a year.

      But if the grinder came from someone that used it at home and they used say 500 grams a the maths thats only 26 kilos a year and to go 400 kilos or there abouts that will be 15 years use!

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