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  • emo480 shim update

    Ok, so I started with a 2 thou feeler gauge shim which worked pretty well, now I,ve gone upto a 9 thou shim without that much difference ( still grinding on 7/8) which I think is a bit wierd, but whatever. I have noticed that i now have a puck that is slightly wetter than usual with the same dose and tamp? any suggestions ie coarser grinder higher dose or finer grind less dose ?? help :-?

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    Re: emo480 shim update

    Hey derrilex!
    Sounds like you have the same problem as i had when i got my EM480 grinder.
    I called sunbeam and had them send out 2 more of the shims that they use. Added 1 extra and tightened it back down... The biggest factor i found was the amount i tightened the top burr down. Obviously the less you tighten it the more chance there is of it coming off and running through your grinder(ouch) but this never happened to me.
    Its all hit and miss and i found myself getting a bit grumpy when the extra 1 or 2 shims made no difference at all..sometimes making it courser?!?!?!?

    In regards to your dosing problems..just remember that making your grind finer will also make the dose smaller. The finer it is, the more it is able to be tamped down and therefor leaving more room in the basket. Up the dose leaving your tamping technique the same..if it pours too slow(overextracting) then back the grind off a little bit. Only change one variable at a time till you find the sweet spot.

    But you will get there in the end after some bean wastage.

    Good luck!


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      Gonna try this on my 480. For those who also think it might help, that bottom burr is held on with an opposite thread - undo it by going the direction you'd normally tighten a nut.


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        Since it has been resurrected, im up to 1mm of shims on my old EM0480. But how much you tighten the nut varies the grind immensely, make sure you dont over tighten it or you will crush the shims into the bottom housing and it will be for naught.


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          Sorry about the resurrection but I was searching for help with my recently acquired grinder - I really didn't see the dates, just the info.

          I'm a bit puzzled still about Luke's comment - "The biggest factor i found was the amount i tightened the top burr down" but I presumed he meant the nut on the bottom burr.

          Still got woes with my grinder though - everything SEEMS to work but I don't got no coffee coming out the hole. le sigh.

          I have a list of my trials and attempts in My New Machine if you feel like making some suggestions?